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Buying a new EV charger for your home can be confusing - Do you need level 1 or level 2? How good are portable chargers? What's best - hardwire vs plug-in? Don't worry - we have you covered! We have answered all of these questions and show you our top recommended charges in our ultimate guide below.

EV Chargers

EV chargers are the fuelling solution for the next century. They provide quick, relatively clean energy that gives your car or truck the power it needs to get through the day – and increasingly, much longer.

But all EV chargers are not created equal. Already, there’s an evolving market in everything from home charging stations to highly efficient charge-points and cables. Unless you really know what you’re doing, it’s easy to end up with the wrong charging solution for your needs.

We really know what we’re doing. Read our honest, unbiased, no-nonsense reviews to find the EV charging solution that’s right for you.

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Our Guides

When you’re trying to find out whether an EV charging product is right for you, where your nearest charging point is, what kind of charger fits your needs, or any of a hundred other answers to EV questions, you need a quick, uncluttered guide that’s clear and to the point, so you can get on with your day.

Our guides have everything you need – straightforward information, quickly delivered. We’ve done the research to answer your questions, and our guides give you none of the usual sales pitch. We’re here to get you all of the facts and none of the flim-flam.

Our Top Guides: