Tesla To J1772 Adapter

The J1772 standard is used by many manufacturers, including Tesla, but it’s not specific to them. It’s just a generic connector that can be plugged into any socket designed to accept it. The Tesla connector is a special version of this. In this guide, you’ll learn about the J1772 adapter and what it means for Tesla owners.

Tesla To J1772 Adapter

What Is A J1772 Adapter?

The J1772 (and other) standards define how you connect your vehicle to a charging station. There are many manufacturers that make chargers that comply with these standards, but not all of them are compatible with each other.

If you’re looking to buy a new charger, then you’ll probably be able to find something that works with any of the above mentioned standards. If you’re buying second hand, then you may have a bit more difficulty finding a charger that meets your needs. 

Choosing The Right Tesla To J1772 Adapter

There are some important points to check when buying an adapter. Make sure the adapter has the right direction of Tesla to J-1772. Also make sure the adapter supports current and voltage.

A J1772 adapter such as this one will be a good bet for you. The Lectron Tesla Wall Charging Adapter to J1772 is  designed to connect j1772-supporting plug to Tesla chargers. Customers with regular electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids can now enjoy Tesla charging adapters and charging stations anywhere.

This product is portable and durable. You plug it into the wall socket and then plug it into your EV. To remove it after charge, push the red button and the black button.

It is compatible with the Tesla high power wall connector, destination charger and mobile connector. This product is not compatible with the Tesla supercharger. This product looks similar to the old model but is smaller. It is also safer because you can’t accidentally unplug the charger. It comes in two colors.

You can connect this to your car easily without any problems. The car is cool during operation. The case material doesn’t scratch your car. Clever handles make it easy to carry around. And you get a 30 day warranty.

Usage Of A J1772 Adapter

Disconnecting the adapter from the charger should be done safely. There should be no sparks or burning when disconnecting the adapter. Charging should also be started safely.

Do Not Confuse Adapters With Chargers And Check The Direction

Cable adapters are used to connect your phone to the car charger. Portable chargers are small devices that plug into the cigarette lighter socket and allow you to recharge your mobile device while driving.

Water And J1772 Adapters

J1772 adapters are made to withstand water damage. They are usually waterproof so they won’t leak if you drop them in the sink. However, if you submerge them in water for long periods of time, they could rust.

Potential Uses

A Tesla to J1772 Adapter lets you charge any EV that uses the J1772 standard. This includes some models of Tesla cars.

Having a Tesla to J1771 adapter also provides access to thousands of Tesla Destination charger locations. Tesla Destination Chargers are wall connectors that Tesla installed at hotels and restaurants.

Some of the locations have J1772 charging stations beside the Tesla Wall Connector, so you wouldn’t need the adapter at those locations. But most of them don’t. We would like to recommend that you ask permission before plugging in.

Do I Need A J1772 Adapter For My Tesla?

Do I Need A J1772 Adapter For My Tesla

Yes. A J1772 adapter is required if you plan to use a Tesla Wall Connector. It’s also recommended if you want to charge using a J1772 charger.

What Does J1772 Stand For?

J1772 stands for Japan Electric Vehicle Standard (JEVS). It was developed by Japanese automakers Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Subaru.

Why Did They Develop Their Own Standard?

They wanted to create a standard that could be used across all manufacturers. They wanted to create a standard to replace the existing CHAdeMO standard. 

Charger Lock

The charging lock for your Tesla secures your J1772 plug adapter so it cannot be taken off.This means you can leave your car plugged into a charger without worrying about someone stealing it.

Battery Protection

Many Teslas are being maliciously unplugged, this product will help you prevent them from being unplugged.

Is It Worth It?

A Tesla owner should always use the Tesla Charger Lock. The lock keeps unpluggers away from their cars. Their car is protected by the Tesla Charger Lock, and they get a lifetime warranty if anything happens to it.


WHile it might be a little confusing when you don’t know what a J1772 adapter is and why you might need one for your Tesla, hopefully our handy guide has helped to remove some of that confusion from you!

When purchasing a J1772 adapter, make sure it fits your needs. Some people like having their own charger at home. Others prefer using public chargers. A J1772 adapter allows you to use both types of chargers.

In conclusion, the J1772 adapter is a great way to charge your Tesla. It makes it easier to travel with your car. You don’t have to worry about finding a place to charge your car.

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