Lectron J1772 To Tesla Charging Adapter, 60A & 250V AC – Compatible With SAE J1772 Chargers

The Lectron J1772 To Tesla Charging Adapter comes in 60A & 250V AC and is Compatible With SAE J1772 Chargers. Let us have a deeper look at this amazing adapter below.

Driving an electric car is a fantastic way of doing your bit to protect the environment. Tesla is one of the largest electric car brands so it is no surprise that each year more Teslas can be spotted on the roads. It comes with a charging adapter.

While often you will be able to charge your car in the comfort of your own home, or garage, in some cases you will need to charge your car at electric car charging stations. As not all electric car chargers are universal you must have the necessary adapters that will enable you to pull up and charge your Tesla car at any charging station

Here we provide links to Lectron J1772 to Tesla Charging Adapter, providing 60A & suitable for 250V AC outlets. The products are also compatible with SAE J1772 Chargers. We also explain what all of this means so you understand what you are buying and what it will do for you.

What Is A Lectron J1771 To Tesla Charging Adapter?

Lectron EV is a leading source of accessories for bot plug-in hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles around the globe. They make accessories with the electric car drivers in mind helping to make it easier and quicker to charge electric and thyroid vehicles.

A Lectron J1771 is a type of charger made by Lectron that is used to transfer energy from a vehicle’s battery to its electric motor. It is simple to use and made from high-grade rugged materials meaning it is perfect for use on the road. 

To use it simply connect it to a J1772 charger until you hear a gentle click. Connect a Tesla Adapter to the end of the plug that will go into the charging point in the car to charge your Tesla vehicle. It has been protected by water sprays making it suitable for charging both indoors and outdoors.

This product is only compatible with J1772 plugs and not CCS1 plus or Mennekes (Type 2) plugs.

You can use this product for Tesla Models S, X, Y, and 3 to charge it at any J1772 charging station.

Lectron J1772 To Tesla Charging Adapter, 60A & 250V AC – Compatible with SAE J1772 Chargers – PRODUCT LINKS

charging adapter

To buy this product from the manufacturer click here to be redirected to the Lectron page. 

You can also purchase this product from Amazon. To be directed to a reputable seller simply click here.

If you would like to view the product most Home Depot and Target stock this electric vehicle charging accessory. To find the product code to purchase this adapter from Home Depot, click here. To find the product code to purchase this adapter from Target, simply click here.

Final Thoughts

Having the right charging accessories for your Tesla electric vehicle will make your experience as an electric car driver quicker and easier. Buy your Lectron J1772 to Tesla Charging Adapter today to give you more freedom for where you can charge your vehicle.

Driving an electric vehicle is an excellent way to contribute to environmental protection. Tesla is one of the most popular electric vehicle companies, therefore it’s no wonder that more Teslas are seen on the roads each year. It also includes a charging adaptor.

While you may be able to charge your car at home or in your garage most of the time, you may need to charge your car at an electric car charging station in some instances. Because not all-electric vehicle chargers are universal, you’ll need the appropriate adapters to be able to plug in and charge your Tesla at any charging station.

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