Gifts for Tesla Model 3 Owners | Ideas for All Budgets

Which are the best gifts for Tesla Model 3 Owners? we got down to this research and identified them. We share with you gift ideas for all budgets…

Owning a Tesla is not for the typical car enthusiast. Many owners want to accessorize their luxury ride with quality products that are compatible and reflect their style, so it can be hard finding an appropriate gift without feeling like you don’t really know your friend well enough or just guessing what they might need more of in their life (i.e., chargers). We’ve taken the guesswork out of this task by reviewing some awesome items from across the price spectrum–must-haves like EV chargers and high-tech camera equipment made with sustainability at its core!

The Best Gifts for Tesla Model 3 Owners Are:

To select these gift ideas, we based our criteria on what we know Tesla owners value. These are high quality, compatibility, variety, value for money, and green-friendly.

Steering Wheel Cover – EV Wraps Tesla Model 3

Without a cover, the Tesla Model 3 steering wheel is just plain and unattractive. But with a quality wrap, the interior of the vehicle will feel more comfortable while protecting the original wheel trims. Made with top-quality material (automotive grade 3M 1080), this steering wrap features precise cutouts. The installation is easy and a 5-min job and it comes in a wide range of colors including brushed metallic and white carbon fiber. If you want your friend to give a personalized touch to the interior of their Tesla car, this is a great gift idea you should consider. Plus you will not break the bank!

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Tesla Compatible Portable Charger – Lectron Tesla Adapter 

This Tesla adapter is a generous but very useful gift for any electric car owner. Tesla owners with this gadget can charge their cars at any given J-1772 charging standard station in America. With its 40 amps and a maximum voltage of 250V, it can charge a vehicle in just a few hours. Unlike many other adapters, this one comes with a locking feature that thwarts any theft attempt. It is also designed with top-of-the-line ABS plastic and provides a longer warranty compared to other products. 

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A mini version of the Tesla from Hot Wheels – Hot Wheels Tesla 5 Car Bundle Set

The Hot Wheels version of Tesla cars comes in a set of five vehicles at a scale of 1:64, making them ideal for both children and adults. Plus they are not designed specifically for play. The set includes Models X, 3, S, and Y, as well as the Tesla Roadster. You can also buy each mini-vehicle separately and in different colors. The Hot Wheels car set is a slam dunk for all car aficionados, therefore it is one of the best and budget-friendly gifts for Tesla owners. 

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Decals – SpaceX Decal 3D Metal Car Rear Trunk Emblem Sticker Badge 

One of the best Tesla accessories, this SpaceX decal is designed for Tesla Model S, 3, and X. It is a breeze to install since it is fixed with a high-quality automotive adhesive that requires no drilling and no tools to install. The best part is, it can be placed on any fresh flat surface including car doors, car side fender, car body, frunk, car rear trunk, etc. It is also sunproof and waterproof, making it one of the simplest gifts for any Tesla owner.

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Hoodie – MNYAE Tesla Hoodie 

This great-looking hoodie is among the cost-effective yet top-quality Tesla hoodies you can find on the market today. It is 100% cotton and features a kangaroo-style pocket in front. To make it one of the best gifts you could offer a Tesla owner, this hoodie is unisex and machine washable! 

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Tesla-Only Aluminum Parking Sign for Home Charging Station

A Tesla parking sign will add panache to any garage decoration or if you want to claim your spot in your multi-car garage. This sign from Adept is made from aluminum and comes in one color only – red. It is extremely durable and can easily hang anywhere you wish, and you can hang it using string, bungees, or rope for permanent fixing, you can easily drill through the aluminum material using plugs and screws with washers to fix the sign-on concrete or wood surfaces. One thing you will love about this product as a gift is that it can last for many years and will not stain or rust, which means it is low-maintenance. 

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Frunk Cooler – EVBOYS Frunk Cooler Organizer Fits Tesla Model Y, 3, X 

This is one of the must-have Tesla accessories and an ideal gift for any Tesla owner who loves being on the road. This Frunk Cooler is what you need if you want to keep your food and drinks cool while you tailgate camp, or picnic. Despite its size, the EVBOYS Frunk Cooler is extremely lightweight and durable as it is made from high-quality recycled nylon fabric with its interior lined with EPE cotton and a food-safe reflective aluminum foil layer.

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Cargo Organizer – KRD Auto Car Cargo Trunk Organizer 

Suitable for Tesla Model 3, Model S, Model X, and Model Y, this cargo organizer from KRD features exquisite embroidery of the Tesla logo and is an exceptional gift for Tesla car owners. It has a firm construction that is non-collapsible, thus will keep your trunk clean and tidy all the time. The 4 sides mesh pockets, as well as 1 big front pocket, allow you to be organized when traveling while its 2 compartments are enough to store any item you want for your trip. 

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High-Quality Extension Cable – Ceptics 25-Ft 50-Amp Auto EV Extension Cord

This extension cord can be a perfect gift for Tesla users with Model 3, S, X, and Y as well as RV outdoor campers. Designed specifically as an EV charger, this cord is pretty long and can charge Tesla vehicles in a matter of hours. It offers weatherproof protection against rain, wind, soil, snow, and rocks, making it one of the must-have Tesla accessories for any Tesla owner regardless of their geographical location. Moreover, the cord is PVC molded with copper wires, which makes it extremely flexible and simple to store. 

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Lifting Jack Pads – Tesla Model 3, Y, S, X Lifting Jack Pad 

These lifting pucks will ensure proper and safe lifting of your Tesla car and avoid any possible battery damage. Although Tesla users can use all-purpose jack pads, these specifically designed adapters click into their jack points to offer safer and sturdier jacking points without the risk of slipping. As any Tesla owner will tell you when jacking up a Tesla car, particular care should be taken to avoid battery and paintwork damage, which can result in huge amounts of money in repair, so this lifting jack packs great gifts for Tesla owners.

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FAQs | What Readers Are Asking

Are Tesla owners happy?

Survey data shows that Tesla drivers are a happy bunch and the Tesla Model 3 as well as some of the other models getting high customer satisfaction ratings.

Are Tesla car owners rich people?

Tesla cars are not just the prerogative of the wealthy.  A typical Tesla owner is upper middle class, technologically savvy, and environmentally conscious.

Does Tesla hold their value?

Generally, Tesla doesn’t hold their value, especially since some of the initial discounts the first buyer got might have been an EV car credit that the next buyer does not get.  While many factors play into resale value, a typical Tesla Model S loses 42% of its initial value in 3 years.

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