Buying an Electric Truck (What’s coming up, Tips)

Have you ever considered purchasing an electric truck?

Perhaps you have decided to do more to help the war on climate change or heard rumors that exciting new electric trucks will be landing and want to know more about them.

Whatever the reason that brought you here today might be, here you are, ready to learn about electric trucks!

It can be a challenging field to navigate; with many new exciting developments and fancy abbreviations, you can end up with a headache and finding yourself spinning out.

But that does not need to be the case! Today we are going to look at the new and exciting changes in electric trucks.

Keep reading to find out more about the new electric trucks on the market, information about them, and some tips!First, let’s have a general overview of the specs that you want to know!




Hummer EV


Ford 150

Dodge Ram



Unknown. Production begins in 2021

2021-2022, later editions to  follow in 2023 and 2024

June 2021


Currently unknown


It is not currently known. You will see 0-60 in 2.9 seconds!

614 HP


Up to 754HP


Expected to be 375HP

Electric range

250-500 miles

200 miles

Up to 350 miles

250-400 miles

Unknown, expected to be over 300 miles

Currently unknown

Fast charging?

Assumed compatibility with Tesla’s existing Superchargers

Single, dual, or Tri motor available



Unknown, but we can expect to see a fast-charging option

Currently unknown

Top Speed

Currently unknown

Currently unknown

Currently unknown, 0-60 in 3 seconds

125 mph

Currently unknown

Currently unknown


Expect to see a dual-motor

Dual motor

Dual motor

147kW per wheel

Unknown, can expect to see a dual-motor

Currently unknown, we can expect to see at least 5,000 lbs.

Towing capacity






Currently unknown, we can expect to see at least 5,000lbs.






Unknown, estimated over $100,000

Estimated starting point of $70,000


Kicking off today’s chat is Tesla’s Cybertruck. It’s a relatively new addition to Tesla’s electric cars world, which we can expect to see in 2021!

The Cybertruck features an insanely durable exterior that will protect passengers. It’s almost impenetrable, created with Ultra-Hard 30X. Cold-Rolled Stainless-steel skin and Tesla’s armor glass, you won’t need to worry about your safety in this truck!

The exterior works to eliminate dents, damage and ensures the vehicle remains corrosion-resistant. The armored glass features a polymer-layered composite that absorbs and redirects impact forces for enhanced performance and a higher level of damage tolerance.

Let’s talk about the power of the truck. It’s built with a low center of gravity to deliver outstanding traction. This traction allows you to get the truck from 0-60 in just 2.9 seconds!

There is a fantastic range with the EV truck. too. You can expect a range of up to 500 miles! The range will depend on whether you opt for a single, dual, or tri-motor AWD. Changing the motor will drive the cost up too.

The Cybertruck has an impressive towing capacity of over 14,000lbs depending again on the motor size. The more powerful the motor, the higher your towing capacity will be.

Tesla’s truck is a great option, offering fast speeds and towing power.


Bollinger trucks offer the only Class 3 electric trucks on the market! These electric trucks feature durable aluminum construction and an all-wheel-drive to create a fantastic EV truck ready for the modern age!

These 4-wheel drive and SUV pickups have fantastic off-road performance thanks to their 50/50 weight distribution and dual-motor.

Bollinger went back to the drawing board to build these trucks from the ground up to create a new generation of electric trucks that will forever change the market.

With 15-inches of ground clearance, there is a choice between a Bollinger B1 and B2, offering a range of battery packs and wheelbases for a customizable experience for customers.

You will be able to choose the EV truck that will suit your mileage and towing needs.

We know about the Bollinger models so far that you can expect to see 614 horsepower and a decent range of 200 miles.

We are still awaiting confirmation of fast-charging; it is expected that they will follow suit and provide fast-charging ports or compatibility.


We can expect to see the Rivian hitting the roads soon, with production taking place in June 2021. It’s been a much-anticipated release, and we can expect to see some good sales.

The EV truck has an impressive range of 250-400 miles, depending on the specifications you opt for. Using up to 754HP, the EV truck will have a lower towing capacity of 5,000lbs but is still a great pick and addition to the EV truck landscape.

We are yet to hear much about the motor, but you can expect to see 147kW per wheel and multiple battery packs available to customize your drive.

The battery has been developed to provide unbeatable performance in extreme weather conditions. We can expect to see excellent off-road capabilities, too, allowing you to take the truck anywhere.

Speaking of the battery, fast charging has been guaranteed! You can expect to see great charge rates within as little as 30 minutes!

Rivian is adding new and fantastic features to their RT1 too! Vegan leather seating is a nice touch, as are the 4G and WiFi capabilities and 360 degrees audio for an immersive experience while you drive.

It’s one of the cheaper models on the market, with Rivian setting the starting price at $67,000.

Hummer EV

The Hummer EV is expected to land in 2021-2022! The first edition will launch at the end of the year, with later editions following 2023 and 2024.So, what do we know about the Hummer EV? It has a horsepower of 1,000 and a range of up to 350 miles!

While its top speed is unknown, we can see virtually no RPM, with the truck can achieve 0-60 in as little as 3 seconds! We can expect to see some fantastic speeds from this truck.

The dual-motor truck is sure to be a popular choice, although an expensive one! Many view the price as more realistic than Tesla’s lower price point.There will be an incredible towing capacity of 11,500lbs, setting it mid-range compared to other EV trucks.

The truck will feature infinity roof sky panels and supercruise driver assistance, allowing you to change lanes completely-hands-free! These features are added extras depending on the model you purchase, offering fantastic levels of customization.

We can expect to see excellent off-road power and driving ability, thanks to the Crabwalk feature where the wheels will turn up to 10 degrees in either direction.

Ford 150

An exciting new development possibly debuting in 2021 or 2022 is Ford’s F-150 electric pickup truck. Rumors are flying around about the release date, but we can expect to see it enter the market at the end of this or next year.

So what do we know about the Ford 150? The truck is rumored to be an electric crossover with a Mustang-inspired style. We have seen some examples of the style at Auto shows, showcasing the pick-up style of the truck.

Ford claims that the truck will be able to tow over 1 million pounds of weight! That will make it one of the best towing capabilities on the market! We are yet to see proof of this, but the claims are sure to be scrutinized until evidence is delivered.

We have seen a video of the truck pulling a 1,00,000lb train, although some doubt its validity. It will be intriguing to see the specs Ford publishes when the EV truck enters production.

It is expected that the truck will feature an AWD motor similar to other EV trucks on the market, ensuring a speedy acceleration with barely any RPM. The truck is likely to feature a dual motor too.

In terms of range, we expect to see about 300 miles of range. Little has been confirmed about the truck’s mileage, but we would not expect it to be less than 300 miles.

Dodge Ram

When it comes to the Dodge Ram, little has been revealed. We are yet to have a release date for the Dodge Ram, but you can expect to see it enter production next year or so as other trucks are released.

Many expect the Dodge Ram to resemble the hybrid Wrangler 4xe. If this is the case, we should expect a powerful four-cylinder engine with a horsepower of 375. These figures are speculative, though; we hope to find out more as the Dodge enters production or is debuted.

We would anticipate the Dodge Ram will be designed to rival Ford’s 150! When asked, those at FCA (the creators of the Dodge Ram) have disclosed little information, asking for patience.

We are sure that what will be released will be an exciting addition to the EV truck world!

Final Word

That brings us to the end of our electric truck chat today! Hopefully, you will see the fantastic EV pickup trucks on the market and see the exciting new possibilities arriving soon.

There are lots of excellent options that will be sure to offer incredible mileage without needing to compromise on quality.

Got any more questions? Be sure to check out our FAQ section to answer any electric truck questions you might have!


Let’s get your last-minute queries answered here!

Which electric trucks will be available in 2021?

It is expected that several EV trucks will be released in 2021. The Rivian, Tesla’s Cybertruck, and Bollinger B2 are all expected to enter production in 2021.

We should expect to see some deliveries before the end of the year. It is worth noting that due to COVID 19, there might be some production delays, be sure to check the manufacturer’s websites for more information!

Are there any electric trucks on the market?

Currently, there is not a battery-powered truck on the market to purchase. The EV trucks included today are due to be released or entering production stages.

There are hybrid trucks on the market that feature a combination of electric and fuel consumption to operate. These produce less CO2 than other vehicles but are not as low as an electric truck will be.

We expect EV trucks to be released in 2021, so you should be able to purchase a car by the end of the year! It’s worth noting that many brands, including Tesla, are offering pre-order opportunities.

How long will an electric truck last?

How long an electric truck will last will depend on the truck’s battery and any towing weight that can cause the car to use more power.

You can expect to see a range of up to 500 miles, depending on the truck. Most EV trucks have offered a range between 200-400 miles, depending on the battery and model selected; where you go with these miles is up to you!

How do I charge an electric truck?

Charging EV trucks will operate in the same way that EV cars are charged. You will be able to charge the truck at home or in public at charge stations. The charger required will depend on the battery included, but we can expect to see excellent compatibility with existing chargers on the market.

Fast-charging, using DC outlets, is becoming common with EV cars, and we expect to see the same with EV trucks. Some have already suggested they will offer fast charging, which can see your vehicle reach 80% charge within 30 minutes!

As the trucks enter production, we can expect more information on these aspects, with Tesla being an exception. As they already make and distribute SuperChargers that offer a fast charge, we can expect their EVs to be compatible immediately.

How often will I need to charge my EV truck?

The number of times you will need to charge your EV truck will vary depending on the mileage and battery.

If we compare EV cars, most users will charge their vehicles overnight from their homes or use charging stations during longer journeys.

The frequency you will need to do this will depend on how often your truck is driven, but we can expect to see a good range from those included today.

Can other EVs use Tesla chargers?

Yes, other EV cars and trucks can use Tesla chargers, but not all vehicles will! Across the country, you should be able to as Type 2 chargers are as standard.

As EV vehicles become more popular, we can expect to see a universal approach, with SuperChargers also becoming available for other vehicles to use.

At present, you will need to check that your vehicle has a compatible socket fitted and charge rate that can be used with Tesla chargers.

How much will an electric truck cost?

The cost of an electric truck will vary from brand to brand and the capacity of the truck. Buying directly from the manufacturer, you can usually add features that appeal to you, but it will push the cost up.

You can expect to spend anywhere from $40,000-$65,000, depending on the truck’s brand and specifications.

Will EV trucks be expensive to run?

No, compared to fuel-powered trucks, an electric truck will be cheaper to run. As they are powered by cheap electricity compared to rising fuel costs, you can expect to save money on fuel during longer journeys.

It is worth noting that if you charge your car at home, you might see an increase in your electricity bill, but as you are saving on fuel, the difference should not impact you!

Are electric trucks good for towing?

Yes, they are! Electric trucks are great for towing. Thanks to their powerful motors and strong exterior, you can see a tremendous towing range.

You can expect to see towing power for up to 14,000 lbs! The yet-to-be-released Ford 150 is rumored to pull 1,000,000 lbs, but we are yet to have this confirmed.

Will there be EV incentives to purchase trucks?

At present, it is difficult to say. Many of the EV trucks will be compatible with the $7,500 Federal Electric Car Tax Credit. It is worth noting that Tesla’s Cybertruck will be exempt from tax relief.

As situations can change quickly and incentives adjusted or removed, we recommend checking these incentives closer to the time you are purchasing the EV truck!

If you want a clear idea about the incentives available in 2021, look at our Electric Car Incentives in 2021 list here!

They are currently aimed at cars but will provide a clear picture of what we can expect from trucks.

Will EV trucks have a better range than cars?

Compared to EV cars, you should see an increased range of miles with an EV truck. Why? Because trucks are larger than cars, they will have more space for a larger battery.

The increased size allows for more miles without the need for re-charging!

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