ChargePoint Home Review

The ChargePoint Home is an electric vehicle charging system designed for home or residential use. It can be installed inside or outside the home and allows the user to charge their electric car effortlessly with help from its wifi-enabled smart features. 

Are you sick and tired of having to take your electric vehicle to the nearest public charging point every time the battery runs low? 

You’re not alone. As electric vehicles have surged in popularity in the last few years (particularly in 2020), the demand for easier and more accessible charging systems has also increased. 

That’s why ChargePoint, a leading California-based electric vehicle charging supplier, has developed the ChargePoint Home.

Today, we’ll be reviewing the ChargePoint Home ourselves to help you decide whether this is the EV charging innovation for you.

We’ll be including individual reviews of all of the ChargePoint Home’s main features and finishing with an overview of the benefits and drawbacks of this home charging point. 

In essence, after you finish reading this article, you will learn everything you need to know about this amazing innovation.

ChargePoint Home Review

ChargePoint is a company that was founded in California in 2007 and initially specialized in developing electric vehicle charging technology for public spaces and workplaces.

However, in 2015, ChargePoint released the ChargePoint Home which, at that point, was the world’s most advanced electric vehicle charger for home and residential use. 

Even now, several years later, the ChargePoint Home remains one of the most popular home charging systems for electric vehicles. 

ChargePoint has also released a newer model of the ChargePoint Home known as the ChargePoint Home Flex. The Flex model includes a few more features than the ChargePoint Home, from a higher amperage output to faster charging speeds.

However, it is also significantly more expensive. Today, we’ll just be focusing on the ChargePoint Home, which we think provides more than enough in terms of speed, efficiency, and practicality to make it an incredible investment for EV owners.

ChargePoint Home Features

Let’s take a look at some of the ChargePoint Home’s main features below. Kindly read on and learn more…

Adjustable Power Levels

The first thing we wanted to highlight about the ChargePoint Home is its flexibility in terms of power and charging capabilities. 

The ChargePoint Home runs at 240 volts and puts out up to 32 amps. This means that the user can easily set the amperage to the appropriate level for charging their vehicle. 

Even better, the power output of the ChargePoint Home charges electric vehicles up to 6 times faster than charging from a standard wall outlet, so you can say goodbye to long, frustrating waiting times while your car is charging. 

Multi-Model Compatible

Because the ChargePoint Home offers so much flexibility in terms of adjustable power output, it is compatible with a wide range of electric vehicle models on the market currently. 

This is also partly because the ChargePoint Home uses a Type 2 connector, which is compatible with many more electric vehicles than the Type 1 connector, which only supports EV models manufactured before 2018. 

Thanks to its multi-model compatibility, the ChargePoint Home will be suitable for owners of most electric vehicles manufactured after 2018, including the Honda Clarity, Nissan LEAF, Toyota Prius Prime, and many other leading EV models. 

ChargePoint App

The ChargePoint Home’s adjustability and multi-model compatibility have already marked it out as a highly user-friendly and convenient home charging station. 

However, perhaps the biggest thing driving customers towards this EV charger is the complimentary ChargePoint app that can be used in conjunction with the charger itself. 

The ChargePoint app allows ChargePoint Home users to schedule and monitor the charging processes for their electric vehicles.

Users can also set reminders for plugging in, and the app compiles all the charging data per electric vehicle in one intuitive and accessible place. 

The ChargePoint app is a fantastic addition to the purchase of the ChargePoint Home because it takes a lot of the stress and guesswork usually involved in electric vehicle charging out of the equation.

With this app, you’ll never again find yourself in the position of having forgotten to charge your car before a trip or when you’re in a rush to get to work. 

The ChargePoint app also allows the user access to public ChargePoint stations, so you can benefit from your purchase even when you’re away from home!

Some customers have, however, reported having issues communicating with their ChargePoint Home using the app due to temperamental wifi connectivity. A credit card is also required to use this app.


If you thought the ChargePoint app was the height of technological convenience for an EV charging station, you’ll be even more impressed to learn that the ChargePoint Home is also compatible with Alexa! 

The ChargePoint Home’s Alexa compatibility means that you can easily set reminders or issue commands to your charging station using your voice. 

The ChargePoint Home’s engagement with current technology makes it a smart and long-lasting investment that can keep up with the times, which is what the majority of electric vehicle owners are looking for at the moment. 

Tethered Charging Cable

One subtle, yet surprisingly significant advantage the ChargePoint Home has over many of its competitors is that it features a tethered charging cable. 

Unlike other home charging point models, which require the cable to be connected and disconnected before and after use, the ChargePoint Home keeps its charging cable connected to the station. 

We appreciate this feature of the ChargePoint Home because one of the biggest reasons why electric vehicle owners choose to have home charging stations installed is convenience.

Electric car owners are increasingly looking for ways to simplify their driving and car ownership experiences, so the fact that ChargePoint has provided a tethered cable that is always easy to find and eliminates the risk of disconnection is a major plus point. 

The charging cable is widely available in a 25 ft length, which should allow for more than enough maneuverability and flexibility to reach your EV from the garage or from wherever you choose to have it installed (see below). 

Easy Installation

Despite the ChargePoint Home’s advanced range of features, this charging station is surprisingly easy to install! 

All you’ll need is a suitable electric panel rated at 240 volts, 40 amps to hardwire the ChargePoint Home, and a 2-pole circuit breaker for safety. 

You can even have the ChargePoint Home installed outside your home for easier access if you don’t keep your electric vehicle in a garage. 

However, because the ChargePoint Home can’t be plugged into a power outlet, you will need to bring in a qualified electrician or electrical engineer to fit your new charging station for you.

It’s very important to have the installation done professionally to ensure the safety and longevity of the appliance.

Installation services are even available through Amazon Home Services, so this process shouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience. 

Energy Efficient

One thing we love about the ChargePoint home is how energy-efficient it is! 

The rapid surge in the popularity of electric vehicles is closely tied to an increase in consumer consciousness surrounding pollution, climate change, and energy efficiency.

However, concerns have also been voiced by scientific researchers regarding whether or not electric vehicles significantly benefit the environment since they consume a lot of energy and electricity, amongst other things.

Therefore, EV owners who want their choice of transport to benefit the environment are always on the lookout for better, more energy-efficient ways to charge their electric cars. 

The ChargePoint Home consumes roughly 40% less energy than competitor EV chargers and is also the first home EV charger to be certified by Energy Star.

This will be a big selling point for any EV owner looking to enhance the eco-friendly status of their electric car – and it’s a great bonus in terms of cost, as well. 

ChargePoint Home Specifications

Below are some of the major specifications of this advanced EV home charging system…

  • Manufacturer: ChargePoint 
  • Voltage: 240 Volts
  • Amperage: 32 Amps
  • Cable Length: 25ft
  • Weight: 18.36 lbs 
  • Dimensions: 19 x 15 x 10 inches 



  • Multi-model compatible 
  • Indoor and outdoor installation
  • A lengthy 25-foot tethered cable 
  • Access to the ChargePoint app 
  • Compatible with Alexa 
  • Easy to install (professionally)
  • Energy efficient 


  • Some issues with the app’s wifi connectivity 
  • Credit card needed for app installation
  • Must be installed professionally

Final Thoughts

The ChargePoint Home is one of the most practical, user-friendly, and energy-efficient home EV charging stations available on the market. 

This charging station’s ability to connect to a smartphone app and Amazon’s Alexa means you’ll always be able to communicate with your home charging station wherever you are.

The station’s energy-efficient certified status, meanwhile, makes it the ideal choice for anyone hoping to get the most out of their EV’s eco-friendly properties.

However, there is a chance that the app-related features of the ChargePoint Home might not consistently work, especially if you have known or persistent issues with your wifi connection or don’t own a credit card.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a charger that you can simply plug into a wall outlet without professional installation, this isn’t the charger for you.

We would highly recommend not letting this latter point put you off, though; with professional installation comes better longevity and improved safety. 

Overall, the ChargePoint Home is a technologically advanced and eminently practical charging solution for the majority of EV models that will revolutionize and simplify the way you charge your electric vehicle from now on. 

Michael Schuck