Clipper Creek HSC-50 Review

Are you tired of slow, restrictive electric vehicle chargers? We know we are.

If you’ve ever impatiently waited 12 hours for your car to charge only for your battery to run dry half-way through your errands, you’ll know exactly the kind of stress and annoyance a sub-par EV charger can wreak on your daily life. 

When you bought your new EV, you did a service to the planet as a whole. It’s about time your efforts were rewarded - and what better way to reward yourself and continue helping the environment than by treating yourself to a brand new, high-powered, Level 2 charger!

ClipperCreek is one of the most respected names in EV charger manufacture. The HSC-50 Level 2 charger was released back in 2015, but it’s remained one of the company’s bestselling residential chargers - and for good reason! 

Today, we’re going to be reviewing the HSC-50 Level 2 EV charger from ClipperCreek in detail. This charger could be the best purchase you ever make to enhance your battery-powered driving experience. 

About ClipperCreek

ClipperCreek prides itself on being ‘America’s most popular EV charging station,’ with a range of EV charging products spanning residential, public, and workplace-suited charging stations. 

The company’s founder, Jason France, received the Electric Auto Association’s Entrepreneur of the Year National Award in 2019 for his impact on the electric vehicle industry. 

ClipperCreek as a brand has also received awards for its contributions to the industry. In 2015, the company received Delphi Automotive’s Pinnacle Award in Technology for Supplier Excellence. 

As of February 2020, ClipperCreek had sold a massive 90,000 EV charging stations. This is a huge contribution to the electric vehicle industry and an important step towards rolling out electric charging infrastructure throughout the U.S. 


Main Features

Level 2 Charging 

As a level 2 charger, the ClipperCreek HSC-50 provides faster, more energy-efficient, and more cost-effective charging than any Level 1 EV charger. 

This EV charger is rated at 240 volts and delivers a 40 amp charge current. That’s even more than some competitor Level 2 chargers, which can start from as low as 12 amps. 

While there are competitor Level 2 EV chargers on the market that can deliver up to 80 amps, this level of current output typically isn’t necessary unless your EV model is specifically designed to handle such loads. 40 amps is roughly the highest rating an EV charger can have while still being suitable for use with a majority of electric vehicles. 

Therefore, the ClipperCreek HSC-50’s 40-amp rating indicates optimal performance and wide compatibility, which brings us directly onto our next point. 

Universally Compatible 

The ClipperCreek HSC-50 is a universally compatible EV charger, meaning that it can be used with all electric vehicles. 

Compatibility is an issue with many EV chargers currently available on the market, partly because the electric vehicle industry is expanding and new models are being developed with updated designs, batteries, and features. 

Often, charger manufacturers will advertise their products as universally compatible, with the caveat of a few non-compatible models. 

However, with the HSC-50, you don’t have to worry about whether or not the charger will fit your car. It’s even compatible with some of the EV models out there that are typically slightly more difficult to find compatible chargers for, including the Chevy Bolt and Nissan Leaf!

Indoor and Outdoor Operation

This charger isn’t only compatible with multiple vehicles but also multiple locations! The ClipperCreek HSC-50 can be installed either inside or outside the home.

It’s weatherproof enough (thanks to the durably sealed NEMA 4 enclosure) to withstand outdoor use and safe enough (as we’ll discuss in a moment) to be wired inside the house without any safety concerns. 

The HSC-50 should ideally be installed by an electrician because of its high voltage rating and the fact that it’s a hardwired model, meaning it needs to be permanently connected directly to your circuit breaker’s wires. 

Obviously, there is an extra cost involved in hiring an electrician for the installation, but think about it this way: your safety and the longevity of your charger both depend on proper, professional installation.

It might seem like a lot of money on top of an already high-end charger, but having to buy a new replacement charger will put you even more out of pocket. 

Ultimately, while many EV owners consider the recommendation for professional installation to be a drawback of charging stations, it’s also an excellent way to enhance your charger’s lifespan for more savings overall.

25 ft Cable 

Anyone who’s ever tried using the complementary cables included with most EV models will know how restrictive they can be.

Often, included EV cables aren’t much longer than 12 ft, which frequently ends up being too short for the spatial requirements of their owners. 

The ClipperCreek HSC-50 comes with a generously lengthy 25 ft cable, so you’ll never have to park your car at an awkward angle just to reach the charging station ever again! 

Better still, the cable enhances the flexibility of the charger’s positioning. For example, you could have your charger installed in the garage for security but still charge your car from outside, thanks to the added cable length. 

Energy Star Certified 

One of the biggest advantages of Level 2 EV chargers is that they’re far more efficient when it comes to energy consumption. 

You can generally accept higher levels of energy efficiency from Level 2 EV chargers than from their Level 1 counterparts, but the HSC-50 surpasses even the average Level 2 charger in terms of optimization. 

The HSC-50 automatically operates on minimal standby power, which negates the need for a power switch. You can simply unplug your car and continue about your day without worrying about your charging station leaking energy. 

Safety Certification 

Charging your car using electricity is generally very safe, but as you might expect, it’s not 100% risk-free.

While you can be fairly sure you’ll never be electrocuted if you use your charger properly, but there is still a risk to your vehicle involved if a short-circuit or current overload occurs. 

If you want to keep yourself and your vehicle as safe as possible while charging, you’ll need to invest in a safety-certified charger model. 

Luckily, that’s exactly what the HSC-50 charger is! While some other EV chargers (especially those sold through online retailers) manage to bypass safety certification standards with potentially dangerous results, the HSC-50 has been tested and certified in accordance with all required U.S. electrical safety standards. 

But you don’t have to take this certification at face value. Many of us prefer to know exactly what safety features are in place before we invest in an appliance. 

Firstly, the HSC-50 charger features a built-in service ground monitor, which automatically checks for optimal safety grounding before and during operation.

In the event of a ground fault, the charger also has a charge circuit interruption device and an automatic circuit reclosure so that it can restart afterward. If anything should go wrong, the helpful indicator lights on the front panel will alert you to the problem. 

And electrical safety isn’t the only thing you should consider when buying an EV charger. Your charger should also be secured when not in use to prevent damage or misuse.

That’s why ClipperCreek’s inclusion of a lockable connector and holster, complete with padlock and keys, is such a valuable addition to this product. 



  • High-end - Superior quality 
  • Level 2 charging - Fast and energy-efficient 
  • Minimal standby mode - Conserves energy 
  • Fully sealed exterior - Suited to indoor and outdoor use 
  • Universally compatible - Works with all EV models 
  • 25 ft cable - Ergonomic use 
  • Interrupter and ground monitor - Built-in safety features 
  • Indicator lights - Easy monitoring 
  • Connector, holster, and lock included - Secure when not in use


  • Hardwired - Professional installation required 
  • High-end - Relatively expensive 
  • No Smart features - Manual operation only 

Final Thoughts 

The ChargePoint Home is clearly one of the most practical, user-friendly, and energy-efficient home EV charging stations available on the market. 

This charging station’s ability to connect to a smartphone app and Amazon’s Alexa means you’ll always be able to communicate with your home charging station wherever you are.

The station’s energy-efficient certified status, meanwhile, makes it the ideal choice for anyone hoping to get the most out of their EV’s eco-friendly properties.

However, there is a chance that the app-related features of the ChargePoint Home might not consistently work, especially if you have known or persistent issues with your wifi connection or don’t own a credit card.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a charger that you can simply plug into a wall outlet without professional installation, this isn’t the charger for you. We would highly recommend not letting this latter point put you off, though; with professional installation comes better longevity and improved safety. 

Overall, the ChargePoint Home is a technologically advanced and eminently practical charging solution for the majority of EV models that will revolutionize and simplify the way you charge your electric vehicle from now on. 

Michael Schuck

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