Siemens US2 Versicharge Review

With the age of electric cars becoming more prominent in society, there seems to be an abundance of chargers on offer which all claim to be the best at what they do.

However, not every charger is suitable for everyone and some chargers don’t even work half as well as they say they do. 

Driving to an outdoor EV charging station can be an absolute pain, you can spend ages waiting for one to become available, and sometimes the ones that are available don't work efficiently.

You'll find that the cords are not as flexible and are often worn down from consistent daily use.

The idea of parking up your car in a random outdoor area for a couple of hours each time does not appear the most appealing either.

Siemens US2 Versicharge Review

The smart solution to this is having at-home EV chargers which can be assembled indoors or outdoors in your home.

You’ll be able to see your car charging in view and have full control to be able to charge your vehicle when it is best suited to you. 

If you’re in the market for a new electric vehicle charging station then you’ll want to take a read of our Siemens Versicharge review.

The Versicharge charging station is one of the most highly rated electric vehicle chargers online and boasts some terrific reviews, so we thought we’d take a look ourselves and give you our thoughts on the charging station that has everybody talking.


Siemens is considerably aware that EV charging is the future and has been adapting and creating new innovative ideas as the electric vehicle industry rapidly evolves.

The Versicharge range from Siemens aims to provide fast charging, increased reliability, and all for a more affordable price, which is why the US2 Versicharge VC30GRYU by Siemens is so popular amongst electric vehicle consumers.

The Siemens US2 Versicharge has a premium quality design and incorporates practical features making this electric charge completely user-friendly and more convenient.

The quick charging Versicharge is compatible with all J1772 complying cars and even Tesla, and works better than some of the leading automotive manufacturer’s electric chargers. 


  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 16.5 x 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 20lbs
  • Power Output: 7.2kW
  • Cable Length: 20-feet
  • Connector: SAE J1772
  • Plug: NEMA 6-50
  • Circuit Breaker: 40 amps
  • Warranty: 3 years

240V Level 2 30-amp Charger

The Siemens Versicharge can deliver up to 30 amps of electricity to your electric vehicle.

The Level 2 charger requires a 40 amp double pole circuit or a 240V Nema 6-50 receptacle to power your unit. 

Compact Size

If you’re restricted to wall space outside your home, then this Siemens Versicharge VC30GRYU will be no problem for you.

The electric charge measures 16.5 inches in height and 16.5 inches in width and then has a depth of 6.5 inches.

So whether your electric charger is on the wall in your garage or out on the driveway, it won't take up much space whatsoever and looks pretty discrete when properly assembled. 

Despite being pretty compact for electric chargers, the design and the coloring of the unit will be easy to spot when reversing and parking in your driveway, preventing you from accidentally knocking into it. 

It notably only weighs 20lbs as well, so will be more than easy enough to handle on your own when you’re trying to install it, it also means you won’t need some crazy heavy-duty bracket to keep your Siemens Versicharge on the wall. 

Easy Installation (Indoor/Outdoor)

One of the biggest draw-ins of this Siemens Versicharge charging station is the fuss-free installation which can be done indoors/outdoors.

The US2 Versicharge comes with a mounting bracket and screws that just need to be drilled into the wall so the Versicharge electric can be attached.

The charger can be plugged in either below the electric charging unit or even behind it, for a more tidy display.

Like all the Versicharge units, this Siemens VC30GRYU can be hardwire installed by detaching the cord and plug assembly from the Versicharge unit so it can be put indoors.

However, Siemens does recommend going for the Versicharge VC30GRYHW model as that is more cost-effective than the VC30GRYU.

The unit can be assembled and ready to use within minutes of getting it out of the box. There is also an included USB which contains the user manual and instructions to help you through the installation of your new Siemens Versicharge.

Universal EV Charger

The Siemens Versicharge Level 2 charger is a universal charger and will be compatible with any cars that use the SAE J17772 standard to connect and charge.

You’ll need to be aware that this EV charger will connect with Teslas as long as you have the charging adapter from Tesla. 


As this Versicharge offers the ability to simply plug in and charge, it permits itself to be a great addition to your luggage when you’re road tripping.

If you hate the thought of having to drive somewhere and having to pay for a public electric charging station for your vehicle, then the Versicharge will save you that hassle and allow you to plug in and recharge wherever you go. 

Fast Charging

This Versicharge VC30GRYU level 2 charger offers 4x faster charging than all of the Level 1 chargers.  

This 30amps 240v level 2 can get your electric vehicle fully charged in just under 3 hours, compared to the Level 1’s charging ability that can sometimes take all day to charge up. 

Weatherproof Enclosure

There’ll be no need to find additional cover to protect this Siemens electric charger as the manufacturer has thought ahead and built the Versicharge VC30GRYU within a weatherproof enclosure to help it withstand even the harshest weather elements.

The integrated holster will also keep dust and debris from out of the plug., so there’ll be no risks of the system malfunctioning.

The Siemens electric charger will be able to operate in temperatures as slow as -22 degrees and even incredibly hot and humid days up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, so it doesn’t matter where you live, this little electric charger will work well in any environment. 

Onboard Flexible Cord & Wrap

The Siemens VC30GRYU VC charger comes with a long flexible 20-feet cord to help you comfortably reach your car's charging port more easily without having to compromise on where you position your EV charger.

The cable is highly durable and thick and can withstand the daily use. 

There is an integrated groove at the top of the EV charger where you can wrap the cord around when you’re finished, to keep everything presentable and out of the way. 

Light Up Display

There is an LED halo on this Siemens US2 Versicharge which makes reading the charging status of the unit much easier to see from far away distances, especially in the dark. 

Most users leave their car to charge and check from a doorway or window to check the charging status, preventing them from having to leave their home and check the unit up close. 

Delay Timer Function

There is a multi-setting delay timer built into the VC30GRYU by Siemens that allows the user to delay charging by 2-8 hours depending on their preference.

The EV charger will start functioning once the delay timer has ended. The feature will help prevent users from charging their electric vehicles during peak hours. 

The feature is hugely beneficial for those who want to charge their vehicles in the middle of the night.

The timer can be set to start charging at 3 am and then be fully charged for when the user gets up at 6 am for work, this means the user won’t have to come out and unplug the charger from the vehicle in the middle of the night. 


The user settings on the Siemens Versicharge EV charger are very simple to use via the two functional buttons which operate the charger.

One button turns the charger on and off whilst the other button allows the user to set a time for the charger to turn on. 


The Siemens US2 Versicharge VC30GRYU model comes with a 3-year limited warranty which will cover you for any defects or issues that occur during your first few years of owning this unit.

Siemens is a highly regarded brand and offers great customer service for customers who may encounter issues with their electric charger.

Most customers are offered a full refund or a replacement for any damaged units.


  • User friendly - No complex settings to learn to use 
  • Delay Timer Function - Convenient charging whenever you want
  • Light Up Display - Helps you see when the electric vehicle is fully charged more easily
  • Weatherproof Enclosure - Protects unit from all the elements and increases durability
  • Fast Charging - Saves you so much time by charging in under 3 hours
  • Easy Installation - Anyone can install and start charging their vehicle within minutes


  • User display features a Wi-Fi signal logo - The charger is not compatible with wi-fi 

Final Thoughts 

The time-saving Siemens Versicharge VC30GRYU is a fantastic model thanks to its speedy charging, user-friendly system, and ease of installing the unit.

The electric charger is not one of the most budget-friendly units around, but is reliable and offers great convenience features for the user. 

If you’re looking for something that you can keep outside your home and even take on staycation road trips as well, then this would be a great EV for you as its relatively compact design can easily fit in the trunk of a car without taking up heaps of room. 

The Siemens Versicharge charging station’s design is sleek and convenient through the use of the cord wrap which keeps a clean storage area around your home when your car is not connected. 

If you’re still undecided after reading our thoughts on this EV charging unit, then you can check out other positive customer’s reviews and find out more about the Siemens Versicharge EV charging station right here.

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