Webasto (AeroVironment) Charger Review

In the age of electric vehicles, there must be enough good quality accessories and charging stations to help make the lives of EV users easier.

Not having good chargers for your electric vehicle can wreak havoc on the battery, and could potentially take a full day to charge it up!

Webasto (Aerovironment) Charger Review

Couple this with the fact that the chargers provided by most electric vehicle brands are usually the most basic (and slowest) charging solutions possible, and you have quite the problem on your hands! A new electric vehicle with a charger that is so inefficient that it ruins the battery! It’s not surprising to find that car owners quickly begin to look for other options.

That is where Webasto comes in! Webasto is a company that makes smart charging solutions for electric vehicles.

In this article, we will be exploring one of their most popular charger models, the TurboDX, giving you an in-depth review, listing the stand-out features, and telling you exactly what we think.


Webasto (AeroVironment) Charger Review

Product Description

Webasto’s TurboDX offers a seamless charging experience that will revolutionize the way you charge your electric vehicle. Simplicity is at its core thanks to the simple plug-in-and-play charging solution it offers.

What we mean by this is that all you need to do to charge your electric vehicle is plug it in and wait patiently. That’s it! No fuss, no muss – just simple, flexible solutions for real life.

Unlike many other chargers out there, there are no apps you need to install to use it. There are no hidden buttons that need to be pressed.

You do not need to seemingly have to hack into your car and manage all of your notifications to use it. You simply plug it in when you need to and it will be charged to completion in no time at all!

The design of the TurboDX is slim and subtle. This means it will fit seamlessly into whatever set-up you already have. For example, if you want to pop it into your garage, go ahead! Onto the side of your home, sure! It is compact enough to do so easily, without looking out of place.

Charging times can be up to 5 times faster than your usual charging station (for example, the standard charging cord that came with your vehicle when you bought it). This means that you can enjoy faster, more efficient charges from the comfort of your home.

Simply plug it in when you get home, make some dinner, catch up on Netflix, and in a few hours it will be charged.

The package contains the standardized connector that will fit the majority of electric cars – J1772. As well as this, there is an aluminum enclosure to ensure it stays safe and protected, excellent safety features that are state-of-the-art, and even indicators that allow you to quickly read the status of the charge.

It is approved by some of the leading global automakers, proven by the fact that Webasto charging stations so often feature in the workplaces and dealerships of many of the leading names in America. If these top automobile experts trust them, then we certainly should!

You can charge your electric vehicle with confidence when you use a Webasto home charging point. It is the most efficient solution yet, and with a long record of accomplishing constant quality, as well as a reputation for reliability, Webasto is certainly a fantastic choice for your electric vehicle.

When you buy a Webasto TurboDX, you can sleep soundly knowing that it has gone through rigorous testing and has the approval of experts all over the country.

The safety features are state-of-the-art, and you do not even need to worry about installation. This is because installation can be done quickly and safely by one of the many TurboDX installers and partners around the country. They can get you set up in no time at all!

Product Features

Now that you know all about the product, based on the description given by the manufacturer, it is time to move on to the nitty-gritty!

It’s all well and good hearing what the manufacturer has to say about the TurboDX by Webasto, but you also need to see the features themselves, to see what makes it so good.

Safety features

The safety features on the Webasto TurboDX are advanced and state-of-the-art. They include thermal detection to check for any dangerous heat levels, auto-restart and recovery in case of any power outages, ground detection against faults, and water and flame resistance.

Specifically, the Webasto TurboDX is UL and cUL listed, with a rating of NEMA 4 for its water-resisting abilities, and another rating of UL 94 5VA for its resistance against flames (flammability).

It is also protected by a durable aluminum enclosure. This is in the palace to ensure the point itself is protected from the elements.

Quick charging

Webasto’s Turbo-DX is a fantastic level 2 AC charger that offers charge times that are up to 5 times faster than the standardized charging cord provided by the manufacturer.

This means you can plug in and chill out for a few hours, and go back to an electric vehicle that is fully charged and ready to go.

This innovative fast charging gives you more convenience and freedom in your busy life. You can level up your electric car experience thanks to this desirable feature.

Seamless installation

Installation of the Webasto TurboDX is simple and seamless.

Not only are there lots of partners all over the country that can fit your charger for you, but the charger itself is so slim and compact that you will barely notice it in your garage.

Seamless installation and seamless design make for a happy electric vehicle owner!

As well as this, with their long record of quality products, and a jaw-dropping 125,000 electric vehicle chargers sold and installed, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you are making the right decision.

Quick read status

The quick read status is yet another feature of the Webasto TurboDX that makes it stand out. You can see the status of your electric vehicle’s charge without even having to take out your phone.

There are handy lights installed on the point that let you know how far along it is.

A solid blue light indicates that it is ready to charge, a flashing blue light means that it is charging, and there is even a handy red light to alert you to any faults. This allows you to check any issues quickly and easily.


The last feature that is extremely important to discuss is the compatibility of the Webasto TurboDX with some of the leading names in electric vehicles.

Whether your vehicle of choice is a Tesla, Fiat, Volvo, or Audi, this charging point does it all.

Of course, we highly recommend that you check whether it is compatible with your particular choice of car, checking the model in particular, but just look at the images below that tell you what cars it works with (as well as how much faster it will be!).

What we think

Now that you know all about the Webasto TurboDX and the features that have made it so popular, it is time to let you know exactly what we think about the Webasto charging point.

To do this we think the best way to approach it is to split our thoughts into two sections – what we like, and what we don’t like so much. Keep on reading to find out more…

What we like
  • The ease of use – The Webasto Turbo-DX is very simple to use, especially since all it requires is for you to plug it in and wait. There are no confusing smartphone apps, no hidden buttons, and no unnecessary and confusing wires. This means we really can integrate it easily into our busy lives.
  • Simple but sturdy design –  the design of the Webasto TurboDX allows us to fit it in with ease into our garage configuration as it does not look too bulky. It blends in well thanks to the slim design. However, do not let that fool you into thinking it is not up to scratch in terms of safety features because the Webasto TurboDX is slim but mighty! The aluminum casing ensures it is well protected from the elements, and it truly is built to last.
  • Safety features – Talking of safety, another thing that we like about the Webasto TurboDX is the fact that it has impressive safety features. From its flammability to its water resistance, you no longer have to worry about charging your car in adverse weather conditions. It has been thoroughly tested and has the approval of many leading names in the automobile industry, allowing us (and you) to sleep soundly with the knowledge that your electric vehicle is protected.
What we don’t like
  • The installation process – Something that we do not like so much is the fact that it is recommended to be installed by one of Webasto’s partners. Whilst there are many partners nationwide that can fit the Turbo-DX, it is still a little more fuss than we would like. In an ideal world, we would like to be able to fit the charger ourselves, as it would be more convenient and simple than having to wait for a professional to become available/ that being said, we do understand that the reason for this is safety-orientated, and so it is something that we are happy to go along with!


All in all, we are very impressed with the Webasto TurboDX.

As far as electric vehicle chargers go, this is one of the best we have found, and even though it can be a pain in the butt waiting for an expert to install it, the good points far outweigh this slight annoyance.

In our opinion, the Webasto TurboDX is a very worthy investment if you are looking for top-quality Level 2 charging.

Thank you for reading our article – don’t forget to pick up a Webasto TurboDX for yourself today!

Michael Schuck

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