Do EV Owners Buy Their Cars to Make the World A Greener Place | Recent poll of Tesla owners is a surprise

Tesla has emerged as one of the premier brands in the auto industry. For decades, the United States has struggled to have a successful car manufacturer that can be considered topnotch in the industry. Not only did Tesla make waves as a brand but it also launched electric cars into a whole new level into the mainstream market. Tesla car buyers were the early adopters of electric vehicles (EVs) and early data on car buying habits pointed to the environment-friendly (i.e.“green”) benefits as one of the key reasons why Tesla buyers bought their cars.  

The question we asked ourselves: 

Do EV buyers buy their cars to make the world a greener place?  

Or have buying habits changed, and have even the early adopters of EV’s changed their reasons for buying an electric car? What we found will surprise you.

Poll results of Tesla enthusiasts

The poll results of a passionate group of over 40,000 Tesla enthusiasts are shown below.

What surprised us was that more than 50% of Tesla enthusiasts are in love with the technology with only 34.5% saying they bought a Tesla because it makes the world a greener place.  Collectively, technology, savings in gas, and better speed performance were almost 70% of the reasons why Tesla enthusiasts bought their EV car.  New EV car manufacturers would be well-advised to note these changing patterns in customer behavior.

Here are some additional insights from the poll.

For a Greener Earth

There were 50 respondents who clearly claimed that making the world a greener place was their main reason. Most of these owners are advocates for a greener future. Some of them have claimed that they already had an EV from another brand but chose to get the Tesla because of their advocacy. One owner even said she wanted to be a good steward of the environment. 

Purely for the Technology

On the other hand, 73 Tesla owners stated that they purchased theirs purely because of the technology that these cars offer. Some of these respondents do not even believe about the going green idea. One owner even said that the “Green movement” is just propaganda. 

Neither Green nor Tech Reasons

Of course, some respondents claimed that they bought their Teslas for both Green and Tech reasons. However, there are also some who clearly stated that they had totally different reasons for buying their Teslas. One of these is speed. There were 14 respondents who stated speed as their main reason for purchasing a Tesla. 

Tesla as a technology brand

Tesla started selling EV in 2008 and has more than a decade of experience over any other car manufacturer. Tesla has more extensive knowledge when it comes to creating a good electric vehicle. Due to this, Tesla vehicles come with great value including a private charging network, plenty of tech, and long-range. In addition, Tesla has even scaled their own battery production and has been producing 500,000 electric vehicles per year. The company even aims to eclipse more than 2 million in only a few years.

Many people have been interested in the Tesla brand, especially those who want an EV. According to recent data, nearly two out of three electric vehicles sold in the United States were Tesla vehicles. It is clear that many people wanted to purchase a Tesla.

Key Takeaways

We find the poll results surprising, but there may be some good reasons. Many are actually questioning Tesla’s being green. According to a study conducted by the Arabesque (not publicly available), Tesla is among the 15% of the world’s biggest companies that fail to disclose their overall greenhouse-gas emissions. Ford and General Motors were found out to be more transparent about the emissions that they create while making their vehicles as well as their goals for reducing emissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a green vehicle?

A green vehicle is considered an environment-friendly vehicle that is powered by electricity or alternative fuel. These vehicles provide benefits for the environment compared to diesel or gasoline-powered vehicles. 

Will electric cars take over?

According to a new BloombergNEF (BNEF) report, even without any new economic initiatives from global governments, by 2040, electric vehicles and other zero-emission cars will account for 70% of new vehicle sales. 

How much does it cost to charge a Tesla?

With the least expensive standard Tesla Model 3, a 50 kWh battery will cost around $11.47 to fully charge. The other trims that have 82 kWh batteries will cost around $18.82 each. The standard Tesla Model 3 roughly costs $0.044 per mile at $4.36 for 100 miles. 

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