Is Tesla After Sales Service Poor | What Owners Say?

Is Tesla Sales Service Poor: we dived into this all-important question and sought to know What Tesla Owners Say. This comprehensive guide has all the answers.

Tesla prides themselves on their customer service, but does this hold for their customers? After-sales has been an issue for a lot of companies worldwide.

The best way to get accurate information is by getting the actual consumers’ opinions. When it comes to Tesla’s after-sales service, a poll was created and asked whether it is poor or not.

The majority of the poll respondents believe that Tesla had great after-sales during the early years and some think that this high-quality service has wavered in recent years.

In this article, we’ll explore how good or bad Tesla’s customer service is and provide some tips for what you can do if you’re unhappy with your Tesla purchase.

Below is a chart depicting the results of the recent poll.

Tesla Sales Service

According to one respondent, “They have produced thousands more Ys and 3s – without expanding their service centers – which have already been overloaded. Add in the staffing issues because of the pandemic and you have what we have today.”

The upward trend of the popularity of electric vehicles is mostly because of the revolutionary tech created by Tesla. Add in the popularity of its founder, Elon Musk, Tesla has reached mainstream numbers in terms of sales and has surged as the premier EV provider in the world. Does this rapid rise of Tesla demand have a negative effect on their after-sales service?

Tesla has implemented a number of new initiatives in order to improve the quality of life for its customers, including expanding its mobile repair services so that owners can get repairs done at home or on the go. Tesla also offers around-the-clock roadside assistance, which means you never have to worry about getting stuck on the side of the road again

Receiving Good Tesla After Sales Service

Let’s look at the testimonials of Tesla owners who believe that Tesla after sales service is still good.

Tesla Sales Service

I have zero to complain about! Have had nothing but great experiences in the last 3 years.

  • Mike B.

This has been a common theme for the majority of the respondents as they have been praising consistently good service through the years. A lot of the Tesla owners who provided a positive response about the Tesla after-sales service have claimed that they have been getting good service since acquiring their cars. This just means that their approval rating of the after sales service has never wavered until today.

Service been great, went above and beyond to fix cars, and even booked it in for a potential problem that might occur.

  • Anatole B.

Most of the praises that have been acknowledged by the Tesla owners were about technicians going above and beyond just to fix their vehicles. This was a huge plus for Tesla owners who wanted to get the service that they deserve. It is understandable that there are not so many service centers due to the limited accreditations. Lucky are those who live near these service centers and get their Teslas back as fast as possible.

I’ve had 6 service issues and every time has been great. Loaners 3 times and always fast and free.

  • Brandon Y.

This was one of the most telling comments from all the respondents. Imagine having to go for service six times and getting consistently great service. This just proves how Tesla tries its best to keep their customers happy.

Been an owner of 3 different Tesla’s since 2017. Always Great service.

  • Paul B.

Had the car for 5 years. Every experience has been a good one.

  • Rob C.

These are only a few of the positive responses about Tesla after sales service. As per the conducted survey, many Tesla owners still believe in good after sales service.

Complaints About Tesla After Sales Service

Now it’s time to check out some of the Tesla owners’ complaints about poor Tesla after sales service.

Tesla Sales Service

Absolutely sucks in Rochester, NY. Excuses instead of serving the needs of folks that spent $50k and more.

  • Charles F.

This kind of complaint has been typical. Usually, it depends on the service center location and its current situation. There may be a lot of factors affecting their after-sales service.

Tesla has been criticized for its lack of after sales support. It takes Tesla an average of five weeks to fix a car, which is not as quick as other manufacturers.  They also have high costs associated with their service plans and it’s often hard to find the nearest Tesla certified mechanic because they are so few and far between. 

And don’t get me started on Tesla’s Online store! They ignore ALL inquiries about products and orders and returns.

  • John S.

This is one of the most unique comments among all of the complaints. Nevertheless, it still serves as a concern.

Tampa service center is horrible. I was ready to get a different vehicle altogether out of the frustration of dealing with them.

  • Theresa B.

Specific service centers may have more problematic issues but this does not reflect all Tesla service centers. Most of the time, these are isolated cases.

Was frustrated when I damaged my car after 2 weeks of owning it and the first service appointment was 3 weeks out. I love our Cincinnati store, not so impressed with automated scheduling and delay in parts delivery from corporate.

  • Jocelyn W.

Tesla has also been known for taking days or weeks to return phone calls about simple questions about car features, leading many customers to feel frustrated with the company as a whole. The lack of communication from Tesla is creating more frustration than an average customer would feel otherwise because most other companies are very responsive when it comes time for troubleshooting or ordering new parts.

Service has been atrocious. Very difficult to talk to anyone and the only appointments available are always weeks out. Plus they are always out of loaners (Houston)

  • Brent H.

The Model S owner reported that his electric car took an hour for it to charge just 2 miles worth of energy. This is due to Tesla’s faulty battery system which needs a replacement. It has been more than two months since he first complained about this issue and Tesla still hasn’t sent someone to fix it up or even call him back.

You may have noticed that these negative reviews about Tesla’s after-sales service have varying reasons.


Is Tesla customer service 24 hours?

Tesla Roadside Assistance is committed to providing you with immediate roadside services, 24/7 365 days a year. However, one of the most common complaints about Tesla owners has to do with customer service 24 hours. If you ever need anything fixed on your car or have questions, you may not be able to contact someone during off-hours due to the limited availability of technicians and representatives. As a result, it can take longer than expected for issues with your car to be resolved.

Are customers happy with Tesla?

The latest data still proves that Tesla drivers are some of the happiest car owners. Tesla Models X, S, and 3 all have high customer satisfaction ratings on Consumer Reports, with the Model 3 earning a CR Recommended label.

How much does the Tesla mobile service cost?

Tesla Motors offers a mobile service to help customers who are having problems with their cars. They offer four levels of service that range from basic diagnostics to full-blown repairs. The prices for these services vary depending on the level of service needed by the customer’s vehicle and each level includes a different set of tasks performed by technicians.

The most basic diagnostic is $200 and will lead to an estimate for more extensive work if necessary. If you need any repairs done but don’t want them handled in your driveway or garage, this may be an option worth considering as it can save you time and money down the line when issues arise again at home without professional assistance available yet again

Are Teslas expensive to maintain?

Tesla maintenance costs are low for the industry and very low for luxury models. Tesla offers a factory warranty for all models and an extended service agreement for Model S and Model X. Extended car warranties or prepaid maintenance plans can help reduce your annual Tesla maintenance costs.

Is it a good idea to buy a Tesla?

With nearly a decade of experience above any other carmaker, Tesla has a massive knowledge lead when it comes to making a good electric car. Because of this, all of Tesla’s vehicles are full of great value including long-range, plenty of techs, and a private charging network.

Key Takeaways

Tesla has always been an innovative company. As they continue to innovate, it will be interesting to see how their after-sales service evolves and if the quality of that service continues to match up with expectations. If you are considering purchasing a new Tesla or any other product for that matter, make sure you take into consideration what happens once your purchase is complete and start thinking about potential warranties before making your final decision. Based on the data provided, Tesla after sales service still has more positive reviews compared to the negative ones. The majority of the respondents believe that the after sales service depends on the location and the service center working on them.

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