NEMA 6-30P To 14-50R Adapter for Your EV – What You Should Know

The NEMA 6-30P to 14-50R adapter is worthy of consideration because the NEMA 6-30P is a standard used by many power supplies, and it’s also the most common type of power adapter you’ll see for these types of connections. The 10A rating on this power adapter means that you can use it with devices rated up to 30 amps. It has two connectors: one male and one female.

About NEMA Connectors

NEMA connectors are named according to their type, followed by the number of poles and wires attached to them. For instance, a 2-pole, 3-wire connector is called L2P3W.The first line shows how many amps there are in the outlet. Then it shows what type of socket it is (receptacle/plug).

NEMA 6-30P to 14-50R Adapter

There are many different kinds of electrical outlets and power adapter. Some are grounded, some are not. The ones that aren’t ground themselves are called “unprotected”. The ones that are ground are called “grounded”.

A small hole near the end is used for convenient manufacturing. Padlocks are available to fit this hole. Hazardous equipment may be locked out with a padlock. Locks were invented to prevent the plug being inserted into the socket.

The ground wire is connected to the frame of the house. All three phases of power are provided by the same circuit breaker. There are four ground wires, but only one is attached to the frame of the building.

Two of them are connected to the ground rod, and the other two are connected to each other.


All NEMA 6 plugs are grounded, and the current rating is 20 amps. They resemble the 5-15, and have blades rotated 90 degrees opposite the line blades. The 6-15 plug looks similar to the 5-15 plug, but with collineral horizontal pins. it is a good power adapter.

The 6-20 plug has a T shaped hole to fit both the 6-15 and 6-20 plugs.

Receptacles are devices that connect electrical circuits together. They are generally made of metal. There are different types of receptacles. Some have 3 prongs while others have 2 prongs. Sometimes there are two different sizes of receptacles.

This is because some people use them differently. For example, a smaller size is used for outlets in kitchens and bathrooms while a larger size is used for outlets near the main entrance of homes.

It is common for many  manufacturers of electric vehicle charging stations to equip their 30-40 amp level 2 EVSEs with an 18-50 plug on a shorter cord. This is the most common plug size for North American electrical outlets.

Manufacturers are now specifying this plug size instead of the older 6-50 plug.


The NEMA 14 device is an electrical connector rated for up to 30 amps. Electric appliances such as clothes dryers or electric range should be connected to this type of device.

NEMA 14-30 receptacles are used to connect appliances such as refrigerators, washers, air conditioners, and electric stoves.

NEMA 14-50 receptacles are used to power electrical devices such as hairdryers, curling irons, and other small appliances.

Which One Should I Choose? The NEMA 6-30P To 14-50R Adapter?

That’s entirely up to you, of course. You’ll want to go for one from a reliable manufacturer, and choose one that has a good safety rating and good reviews.

There are many examples out there, such as this one which you can use for your Tesla  – but you  might, for example,. need a connector with handle, or a locking plug.

Power Adapter

There are so many different plug adapters out there that cover a really wide range of needs and situations.

It’s impossible to list them all! Whether you’re looking for something heavy duty, something to use with a charging station, something with a locking plug, or something to use with power tools, there are plenty of adapter choices for you.

For many, delivery will be a concern too. If you need the fastest delivery for your dryer extension cord, you might have to pay more.


Hopefully this article about NEMA 6-30P to 14-50R Adapters has helped you make the right choice!

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