Best level 2 charger for RAV4 prime

The RAV4 Prime is an incredible EV from Toyota. But, the vehicle comes with a factory default level 1 charger which charges at a slow rate of 5 miles per hour.

To enjoy your RAV4 prime to the fullest, you need a level 2 charger.

Apart from charging 6-9 times faster than the level 1 charger, these chargers are also accompanied by smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity, voice control, and notifications.

With boatloads of chargers flooding the EV marketplace, how can you identify the Best level 2 charger for the RAV4 prime?

Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you.

After 72 hours of research and testing several brands, we’ve put together 5 of the best level 2 chargers for your RAV 4 PRIME.

RAV 4 prime

Criteria For Evaluation

 We selected these chargers based on our technical knowledge of EV chargers and user reviews from reputable publications.

We also considered features that meet a specific need across different budget levels. 

1.ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle (EV) – Best Overall

The ChargePoint Home Flex is an upgrade to its older series with 38 Amp max.

At 50 amps, Home Flex is one of the most powerful EV chargers for RAV 4 prime.

As you probably know, the charging speed of an EV depends on key factors like the circuit rating of the power source, the amperage rating, the battery capacity of your EV, etc.

For example, this charger will deliver around 24 amp to your 30-amp RAV 4 prime without overloading your circuit (following the 80% draw rule)

The ChargePoint Home Flex predetermines the maximum power delivered to your vehicle. Just input your circuit rating and this smart technology takes care of the rest.

The unit is NEMA 3 weatherproof rated, which means it can be installed for outdoor use.

 However, consider the environmental climate of your location.

Avoid mounting the charger outdoors if you live in an area with frequent snowstorms or rainstorms. 

 At 13.8 pounds, ChargePoint Home Flex is one of the smallest chargers in the market.

The average thick cable length of the charger remains flexible when subjected to hours of deep-frozen, which means low temperature does not affect the cable’s performance.

The ChargePoint Home Flex uses WiFi Connectivity technology to connect to the ChargePoint app. In addition, Home flex features voice control technology called the Amazon Echo voice commands.

According to the manufacturer, “at maximum settings, the charger charges 9 times faster than a typical 120-volt cable.”

 The sleek silver design of the charging box and its LED lights make up for a beautiful charger.

The charging plug clips to the charging box for proper storage when not in use.

However, these qualities do not come cheap.

Tesla Car Charging


  • High amperage support fast charging
  • Wi-Fi technology for ease of connectivity
  • Voice control supports ease of use
  • Energy-star certified


  • A bit pricey

 2. Juicebox 50 Next-Generation Smart EV Charging Station – Runner-Up

This smart tech kit is a 25-ft cable, WiFi-ready EV charger suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can manage your charging process from anywhere and get notified when your vehicle charges completely. Thanks to its smart technology.

Juicebox 50 Next-Generation Smart EV has a fast charging speed the manufacturer described as “7 times faster than a level one charger.”

The charger comes with WIFI connectivity settings that allow you to access smart voice control features like the Amazon Echo or Alexa for control convenience and ease of use.

The smart grid saving feature stays on top of the price game by helping you schedule your charge time to when rates are low. This saves some costs.

In addition, the plug-and-forget feature lets you charge your EV and attend to other things.

The charger can accommodate more than two other chargers without adding an extra circuit.

However, you need an adapter to use your RAV 4 prime.


  • Fast charging speed charges 7 times faster
  • smart grid saving features can cut charging cost
  • Voice control system for ease of use and convenience.


  • Expensive

3. Morec EV Charging Station

The 240V supply, all-in-one charger works for any EV. Apart from being a reliable and efficient charger, it is also TUV and CE-certified. What’s more, we love the sharp display which many customers describe as ‘super easy to read.’

The 2-year warranty on the charger gets you covered should you face real-time issues with the unit.

The power leveler of the Morec EV Charging Station stabilizes the charging power when you charge more than one unit.

This charger is weatherproof to support indoor and outdoor installation.

However, some customers claim that the connector requires a bit of force to use as it may be a little stiff.


  • Weatherproofed for outdoor use
  • The display is clear and easy to read
  • 2 years warranty 
  • Supports all EV


  • The stiff connector may require force to use
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4. Blink Home Electric Vehicle ChargerBudget option

Our budget option is the Blink Home Electric Vehicle Charger.

The built-in delayer matches up your charging time with a lesser utility rate.

Plus, it is compatible with RAV4 Prime and other EVs which makes it a universal charger for EVs.

Blink claims that this level two charger charges 6 times faster than the typical level one charger. What’s more, its sturdy design supports indoor installation and the waterproof design makes it perfect for outdoor use. 

Unlike the brands reviewed above, this compact unit does not come with an app or flashy features of a typical level 2 charger.

The thing is, if you’re looking for a fully functional EV charger for your RAV 4 prime, this charger may not be a good fit. However,  this charger is available at a pretty affordable price. 


  • Level 2 charger offers 6 times faster charging
  • Supports indoor and outdoor installation
  • Universal charger


  • Limited functionality

5. Primecom 32Amp Smart EV Charging Station

 You’re getting 6 times faster charging speed with this level 2 charger from Primecom. The charger supports circuits within the 100-200v level along with a smart chip that controls the EV display to communicate all charging input info with the electric car.

Universally compatibility of the charger makes it a suitable fit for most EVs. We also love the incredible customer service display from Primecom, along with the 12-month warranty.

The charger is beautifully designed and super easy to install.

We also love the durable and sturdy feel of the hardware.

Some users complained of badly written English in the manual. However, many people love the extremely easy installation process. 


  • Easy to install
  • Universally compatible with most EVs
  • Classically designed


  • Bad English in the instructional manual


What kind of charger does RAV4 Prime use?

The  2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime onboards a 3.3kw charger that  fully charges your vehicle between 4.5 or 12 hours (depending on the power source)

In addition, the charging time can be further reduced by upgrading your charger via the  XSE Premium Package.

While the typical 120V power source in homes and garages can minimally charge your EV within 12 hours, upgrading to 240V speeds up the charge to about 4.5 hours.

Can you fast charge an RAV4 prime?

Yes. It’s possible to fast-track your RAV4 Prime’s charge time by up to 80% faster.

Get an upgraded 6.6KW onboard charger from the factory before you purchase. Just request for the Premium Package which is only available at the factory.

 This can have your charging time cut down from 10 hours to 2.5 hours. That’s a lot!!

Can I charge my RAV4 Prime at a Tesla charging station?

Yes, you can. But you will need an adapter to charge your RAV4 Prime at a Tesla charging station. And you’ll need the J1772 connector to do that as it allows you to plug your RAV4 prime into a Tesla charger. This will help since there are varieties of Tesla chargers out there. You can always find the destination chargers at parks, hotels, and shopping centers

The J1772 adapter supports a mobile connector, destination charger, and high-powered connector from Tesla. 

Final word

We hope you found value in this best level 2 charger for RAV 4 prime review. All of the products we review are top-notch and offer unique features that meet specific needs. For example, our best overall, the ChargePoint Homeflex features all the smart technology you may fancy in a level two charger.

From WiFi technology to voice control and high amperage, level 2 chargers had never been smarter. But you will spend a few more dollars on these incredible features.

But if you are on a budget and do not fancy the smart tech features or you just want a simple level 2 charging solution, Blink Home Electric Vehicle Charger is a good choice to consider.

And lastly, always remember to consider your preferred voltage level and where you want your charger installed.

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