Tesla Ceramic Coating | 43 Things You Should Know To Avoid Being Disappointed

Tesla ceramic coating has been a big phenomenon among Tesla owners. Below we share 43 things you should know to avoid being disappointed.

Tesla has captured the imagination of car enthusiasts across the world. The sleek, sexy sports sedan is a dream to drive and an even better dream to park. The electric vehicles manufactured by Tesla have become quite popular across the globe at present.

The Tesla Model S, the latest car from Tesla, has been called by many as one of the best cars on the market today. It’s an all-around sports sedan with a sleek design and unmatched performance.

With its long-range battery life and speedy acceleration, it makes for a great alternative to gas-powered cars. Due to these new developments in technology, it looks like there is no better time than now to jump into owning an electric car.

However, to your utter dismay, Tesla has had a lot of issues with its paint jobs. The clear coat on the cars keeps chipping and peeling off after only a few years. Tesla owners have had to pay for expensive repairs due to this issue and some Tesla owners are even suing them over it. Ceramic Coatings for Teslas can help solve that problem by providing long-lasting protection against corrosion and scratching while also increasing the resale value of your car.

Some people say that this particular option can damage your vehicle and it’s not worth the price tag. Other people disagree with these opinions and say that the ceramic coating will protect their car from any potential damage while also looking good in general. In this article, we have provided you with well-researched replies to common questions regarding the application of ceramic coating on the Tesla vehicle. Explore both sides of the argument to see which one is more valid and why you should or shouldn’t get a Tesla Ceramic Coating.

Tesla Ceramic Coating | What is it

How does ceramic coating work?

Perhaps you have thought of applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle, and in that case, you should know how it works. A ceramic coating is a type of surface protection that can be applied to various surfaces, including metal. It’s also known as “ceramic conversion”. This process transforms the original metal surface into one made of ceramic which has many benefits over traditional materials. Ceramic coatings are very durable and resistant to corrosion, making them perfect for use in harsh environments. They’re also non-conductive, so they don’t make contact with electrical currents or other sources of electricity. A ceramic coating will help prolong the life span of any object it’s applied to while giving it a sleek modern appearance that can’t be matched by other types of paint or treatments.

Can you wax over the ceramic coating?

The primary reason for applying a ceramic coating will be to safeguard your vehicle and protect the clear coat as well. While most of this is going to work pretty well, the main purpose of waxing over ceramic coating will be the same. Therefore, it is useless to use wax over the ceramic coating which will result in a waste of time as well as money. However, one cannot deny the fact that most waxes come with the additional benefit of making your car appear glossy.

Can the ceramic coating be used on plastic trim?

There has been a lot of confusion among car owners lately about the use of ceramic coating on plastic trim. This is because many companies advertise that their products can be used on all exterior and interior surfaces, but they fail to mention whether or not there are limitations. The process of applying this material involves heating the surface with an oven or other heat source in order for it to bond to the surface. Plastic trim may not survive these high temperatures without melting so there are some things you need to keep in mind when deciding what type of material you want your car’s exterior coating to be made out of.

Can the ceramic coating be used on headlights?

The ceramic coating can also be used on headlights in order to give them an extra layer of protection from any damages that may occur while driving. With this method, not only does the headlight get sealed off but it will also have a shiny surface that reflects light better than before.

Can you use a ceramic coating on windows?

When searching for proper protective equipment for a brand-new vehicle, car owners often ignore the windows and windshields. It’s understandable that It can be quite bothersome when it comes to cleaning the glass of your car particularly if it is collecting pollutants dried on its surface. However, it is a popular trend to apply a ceramic coating on the windows of cars which has lots of advantages. For example, it will provide you with better visibility, fewer scratches, and it will also be quite simple to clean and maintain.

Tesla Ceramic Coating

What Can A Tesla Ceramic Coating Do For Your Tesla

In the world of cars, it is important to have a car that will last you for years. The range of Tesla vehicles has been one of the best-selling electric vehicles since its release. With all these great features and benefits, there are even more things that can be done to make these cars even better. One way people can make their Tesla stand out from others is by adding a ceramic coating on top of the existing paint job.

Is ceramic coating good for a Tesla?

The majority of Tesla car owners are acquainted with the term “ceramic coating” these days which consists of a liquid polymer. There is no doubt about the fact that ceramic coating will provide adequate protection to your vehicle without spoiling the original paint. Apart from this, it is going to last longer as compared to regular paint and the protection is going to stay for quite some time. It is likewise quite easy to clean a vehicle with ceramic coating which confirms the fact that this type of coating is good for your automobile. 

What does ceramic coating do?

Simply speaking, a ceramic coated car helps to safeguard the exterior of your car, thus making it appear new with minimal maintenance. If your vehicle is left open in the sun the paint is going to become dull and fade over time due to oxidation. However, the paint of the car will be protected effectively after the application of the coating from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The coating will also prevent any pollutant from bonding to the paint of your vehicle thus making it resistant to etching and staining. 

Can you get swirl marks on ceramic coating?

Some people mistakenly believe that swirl marks on ceramic coating are just cosmetic. This is not the case, they indicate a defect in the manufacturing process of the ceramic coating. There are many reasons for this to happen- improper curing of the paint layer, too much moisture during the application, or insufficient drying time between coats of paint. Ceramic coating is known as a nano-ceramic coating due to its microscopic nature which happens to be fully transparent. It comprises tiny quartz particles which don’t function like cutting compounds or polish, thus helping to fill and repair swirls. 

Does ceramic coating repel dust?

There is no doubt about the fact that ceramic coating will be the most effective way to repel dust. These coatings consist of tiny SiO2 particles whose diameter is less than 100 nanometers which fill the pores and cavities effectively. The fluids are going to evaporate while the coating is going to cure and the result will be a thin layer on the paint’s top. In this way, the paint will be protected from virtually everything including heat, dust, UV rays, mineral deposits, road grime, and so forth.  

Will ceramic coating prevent hard water spots?

A “hard water spot” is a paint contaminant that will be extremely tough to remove even if the paint is eventually scratched off. A ceramic coating happens to be a fluid polymer that makes use of nanotechnology for bonding with the paint of your vehicle. In this way, it becomes a better alternative to a regular wax covering which is going to erode over time. On the other hand, the ceramic coating will help to safeguard your car from hard water spots as well as other environmental hazards as well.

Does ceramic coating remove scratches?

Ceramic coatings are a popular way to protect the bodywork of cars, but do they remove scratches? The answer is no, although it is a fact that the coating will be able to fill out any tiny imperfection on the vehicle’s surface, this might not fix the actual damage. The ceramic coating consists of nanoparticles which will provide a protective layer on the area over which it has been applied. Even though the coating can seep into the scratches they will not be able to fill them for fixing the problem or making them disappear whatsoever.

Tesla Ceramic Coating

Does ceramic coating go bad?

Many car owners apply a ceramic coating on the surface of their vehicles to protect them from the elements. However, in case you perform adequate research on ceramic coating, you will know that it will not provide permanent protection. If you leave your vehicle after applying the coating in a climate control garage for 5 years, the coating will be there even after 5 years. However, in the real world, your car will be exposed to the elements which will break down its protection eventually.

Does ceramic coating void warranty?

During our research, we learned that every vehicle manufacturer comes with unique requirements which apply to the components covered under a warranty. When the question arises of whether ceramic coating voids warranty, it is quite difficult to answer this question. It is quite difficult to find any vehicle manufacturer who indicates that the application of the ceramic coating is going to void a warranty. The only component where this might be applicable happens to be the powertrain which will influence the operation and performance of the vehicle.

Is ceramic coating a gimmick? 

Many car owners are familiar with the term “ceramic coating” and many of them apply this coating to their new vehicle even before delivery. It is possible for this coating to provide adequate protection to their car while avoiding scratches plus chemical contaminants. It is likewise possible for ceramic coating to last the entire lifetime of the vehicle without causing any unwanted side effects. Apart from these, ceramic coating cars also come with other benefits which amply prove that it is not a gimmick.

Is ceramic coating worth it?

Ceramic coating is not applicable for every single vehicle and those which are washed frequently and driven regularly should have a ceramic coating. It is a fact that ceramic coating will provide better protection as compared to sealants and waxes which will also last much longer. As a result, it can be rightly asserted that ceramic coating will be worth the cost since it offers protection against scratches and contaminants. However, coatings are not meant for every single vehicle out there and it depends on how the car has been used and maintained.

How long does ceramic coating last?

Ceramic coating will be a fantastic option for your vehicle in case you want to provide it with a long-lasting shine. The liquid polymer will be bonding to the surface of your car, thus making it water-resistant and simple to clean as well. Now, the question that might arise in your mind is how long the ceramic coating is going to last. The answer to this question will be 2 to 5 years given that you provide your vehicle with appropriate cleaning and maintenance.

How often do you need to apply ceramic coating?

Many car owners have the notion that it will be a sensible idea to apply ceramic coating to their vehicles and simply forget about it. However, this is not the case and ceramic coating has to be maintained regularly so as to get the best results. It will be prudent to apply the coating every 3 to 4 months which should be adequate to keep it in top condition.

Tesla Ceramic Coating

What to do when ceramic coating wears off?

Most of Tesla car owners are going to apply a ceramic coating on the exterior of their vehicles with the intention of protecting it effectively. Although this coating will form a strong bond above the original coating, many owners think that it will separate from the base coat in the long run. However, it is not going to peel, behaving in the same manner as wax when it fails over time. It is going to wear away eventually and you will be observing a decline in the dirt shedding and water beading qualities over time.

Is ceramic coating better than wax?

If you are thinking of whether the ceramic coating is better than wax, the answer will be that none is better than the other. Wax will be appropriate for making your vehicle appear attractive without providing it with long-lasting protection. However, in case your automobile is exposed regularly to harmful elements, it will be a sensible idea to go for ceramic coating. It will be better to make use of ceramic coating and wax together by first waxing the car and then applying the ceramic coating.

Is ceramic coating safe?

Once you apply a ceramic coating on the body of any vehicle a chemical bonding will be formed by the polymer with the factory paint. It is a fact that ceramic coating canpartial last the entire lifetime of the vehicle after it has been applied on its surface. Whether the ceramic coating is safe or not, it can be asserted that it doesn’t have any side effects. It will provide proper protection to your adorable dream machine from scratches, chemical pollutants, grime, as well as dirt. 

What can go wrong with ceramic coating?

Some problems might be caused due to some potential flaws during application. According to some individuals, graphene coating might be a better choice than ceramic coating while others might go for ceramic coating only. There is always a possibility for you to mess up the application of ceramic coating provided you do it on your own. An incorrect application might result in the formation of high spots, cloudy reflections, hazing, or streaks although these will not damage your vehicle permanently.

How much does ceramic coating cost?

It is quite difficult to figure out the exact cost of applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle since you need to consider many factors for this. In fact, the cost will depend on the present condition of the car, its size, its color, the hardness of the paint, plus the labor charge. Depending on all these factors and assuming that the coating is done by an experienced detailer, it should cost between $2000 and $6000. Get in touch with your detailer and make an appointment for inspection to know the exact cost.

(Tesla Model 3 Ceramic Coating Cost)

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Brands and Products

Is PermaPlate a ceramic coating?

It might be the fact that you have purchased a brand-new car and the dealer wants you to purchase other products such as PermaPlate as well. Although this proposition can be quite alluring, it will definitely be a sound idea to apply a ceramic coating on your vehicle’s surface. PermaPlate cannot be considered to be a ceramic coating although it helps to safeguard your automobile from stains, spills, glass cracks, etc. The line of products of PermaPlate consists of Leatherguard, Paintguard, Fiberguard, and Dent plus Windshield Protection.

Tesla Ceramic Coating

Is Zurich Shield a ceramic coating?

After purchasing your new vehicle you will definitely want it to appear in good condition even after quite some time. However, your vehicle is vulnerable to various elements as soon as you begin to drive it including interior damage and exterior scratches. Zurich Shield happens to be an environmental protection sealant intended for safeguarding your car from every type of wear and tear. Although it performs almost like ceramic coating, it will be a wrong idea to think that it is a ceramic coating in the long run.

Can you use a quick detailer on ceramic coating?

In case you are thinking about whether using a quick detailer for maintaining a ceramic coating will be okay, the answer will be partially yes. It will be a good option if you are looking to get rid of light dust before arriving at a car show. Nevertheless, one cannot consider a quick detailer to be an ideal solution for maintaining the vehicle. It is not appropriate when it comes to serious car washing and should be used sparingly instead of on a regular basis.

Will Iron X remove ceramic coating?

One can consider Iron X to be a Fallout Remover intended for removing iron oxide particles from the surface of the vehicle. These particles can result in imperfections in case you drag them over the surface and might lead to paint swirls as well. Using Iron X for getting rid of fallout happens to be an integral part of decontamination while detailing any vehicle. Iron X, which sprays on in the form of a transparent liquid, is not going to remove ceramic coating whatsoever.

Can you use tar remover on ceramic coating?

After purchasing a brand-new vehicle, it will be a good idea to maintain it at regular intervals so that it appears its best. Your vehicle can be vulnerable to tar stains on external surfaces and, for this, you can make use of a tar remover. These products will make sure that the appearance and shine of the automobile appear good in spite of being exposed to tar stains. In fact, chemicals like tar removers are not going to spoil the ceramic coating although they might do so if allowed to linger.

Does isopropyl alcohol remove the ceramic coating?

A wide variety of car care products might be available to you and isopropyl alcohol is not one of them which are used commonly. In fact, rubbing alcohol is mainly used for medical purposes although isopropyl alcohol is used in the world of car detailing. One reason for using it is that it will allow you to retain your car’s original surface while used with clays. The usage of this chemical will be required only prior to applying the ceramic coating and make sure that it only interacts with the clear coat. 

Application and Installation

Tesla Ceramic Coating

How does the ceramic coating gets done?

Applying a ceramic coating to your automobile is not a simple task and you need to wash the vehicle using normal water at first. Following this, it will be imperative to spray iron remover, wait for a few minutes, and rinse the car comprehensively. After the vehicle has become completely dry, it is time for you to get rid of any paint imperfections on the surface. After making certain that there isn’t any contamination on the surface, make it a point to apply the ceramic coating as per the instructions.   

Do you have to be certified to do ceramic coating?

The task of applying ceramic coating on the surface of your car is not a simple task and one needs to have comprehensive training for that. A number of problems might creep up during the coating procedure which cannot be fixed without proper skills. It will definitely be a good idea to become certified when it comes to applying ceramic coating effectively. However, training will not be imperative for the person for becoming certified in the long run. 

Can I apply ceramic coating myself?

It will surely be possible for you to apply a ceramic coating on your own, but you need to know all the skills and techniques for getting the job done. You need to start by cleaning the paintwork of your vehicle properly and then get rid of the iron deposits as well. After this, a polishing finish has to be used for getting rid of scratches and swirls and also for making the car appear shiny. Finally, you have to apply the ceramic coating and provide adequate curing time to the car as well. 

Can the ceramic coating be applied to matte paint?

Even though matte finishes happen to be quite long-lasting and durable paint jobs on your vehicle, these are vulnerable to scratches. Nevertheless, as compared to a gloss clear coating on the finish of a car, it is quite difficult to repair a matte finish. However, a nano-ceramic coating will be a fantastic way to safeguard and improve the appearance of the matte finish. And, the good thing is that this is not going to produce a shiny effect or increase the gloss in the long run. 

Can you vinyl wrap a car with ceramic coating? 

A vinyl wrap is actually a thin film that is applied over the paint of a car for modifying its texture or color. This wrap film is usually used as a replacement for painting given that it happens to be more inexpensive without affecting the resale value. It is surely possible to vinyl wrap a car with ceramic coating since it will provide the automobile with enhanced protection. It is feasible to apply the wrap prior to or after the ceramic coating and its removal won’t damage the coating in the long run. 

Can you take off ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is the best way to protect the paint of your automobile from elements like acid rain, UV rays, bird droppings, etc.  However, at times you might want to remove the coating for various reasons like poor installation, failed ceramic coating, deteriorated condition, and so on. Mechanical abrasion is considered to be the most effective and only universally accepted way to get rid of ceramic coating for good. Polishing will be the best method to remove the coating comprehensively given that the coating is actually a physical layer. 

Can you use spray wax on ceramic coating? 

Ceramic coating is applied on the surface of your automobile for the purpose of protecting it from various elements like scratches, UV rays, acid rains, etc. The purpose of waxing your car after applying the ceramic coating is virtually the same which will be to protect the paint. Simply speaking, it is of no use to apply wax on top of the ceramic coating and it is simply a waste of time as well as money. However, if you want the vehicle to appear glossy and shiny, then it might be a good idea to apply wax on the ceramic coating. 

How much heat can ceramic coating take?  

Ceramic coatings which are applied on the surface of cars are naturally resistant to heat, thus allowing them to endure high temperatures. Different types of coatings will be capable of withstanding different levels of heat which will depend on the intended application. High temp ceramic coating happens to be a kind of coating capable of enduring extremely high temperatures up to 3,800 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, it is feasible for ITC 100 ceramic coating to withstand the heat of as much as 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can I apply ceramic coating without paint correction?

A semi-permanent layer will be added on top of the paint of the vehicle by a ceramic coating which makes it essential to do paint correction. In fact, the ceramic coating will not be offered by any reputed shop without performing paint correction. Although it will be entirely your decision, one should perform the washing of the automobile, plus claying, and polishing while the coating is applied. The paint correction has to be done so that it levels the paint to the depth of the swirl or scratch prior to applying the coating. 

Tesla Ceramic Coating

Where to buy ceramic coating?

During this pandemic situation, everybody likes to save cash while purchasing car maintenance products from any online outlet. However, the problem that lies here is that it is not easy to come across these online sites and many of them are not reliable too. It will be prudent to buy ceramic coating and other similar products from Amazon which is known to sell all types of car accessories. You can also buy ceramic coating from other authentic sites and the good thing is that you can do it from your own home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will 3m tape stick to ceramic coating?

Some car owners think of sticking 3M tape to ceramic coating after applying the coating on the surface of their vehicles. However, it is a fact that the ceramic coating will find it quite difficult to adhere to the stickers in the long run. Moreover, in case the 3M tape comes off while coated, it is going to take the coating along with it. In case you like to stick 3M tapes to ceramic coating, it will be imperative to first prepare the surface for the sticker.

Will wheel weights stick to ceramic coating?

A wheel weight will be required for balancing a tire and wheel assembly in the best possible way. A tire that is not properly balanced will affect the quality of the ride adversely and will also reduce the longevity of the tires. However, it will be a bad idea to apply ceramic coating to the rims before mounting the tires. On the other hand, it will be sensible to apply a Myobi base coat or a Stance topcoat for making the wheel weights stick to ceramic coating.

Will decals stick to ceramic coating?

In case you own an expensive vehicle and like to stick decals on the body of the car then you should keep several things in mind. Firstly, it will not be a good idea to stick the decals on the car surface after the application of the ceramic coating. However, those decals which were already there before the coating was applied are absolutely fine. The reason for this is that ceramic coatings tend to be quite slippery and it is advisable to get rid of the polish before sticking the decals.

Will PPF stick to ceramic coating?

A PPF or paint protection film happens to be 4 layers of varying compounds that are used for providing enhanced protection to the vehicle. It has been claimed by various companies that PPF has the ability to heal scratches as long as the layer is not harmed and broken. Make sure to use ceramic coatings only on those paint protection films which are “ceramic friendly”. In case you apply the ceramic coating second on top of the PPF, its performance is not going to be affected at all.

Will vinyl stick to ceramic coating?

A vinyl wrap is actually a vinyl film layer that we apply to the panels of a vehicle. However, some confusion might arise while applying the ceramic coating on the vinyl wrap for the first time. It is possible to apply the wrap either prior to or following a ceramic coating which will be functioning as a protective coating for the original paint of the vehicle. And, the good thing is that the ceramic coating will not be damaged in case the wrap is applied and then removed.


Tesla enthusiasts will tell you that the paint issue is a small price to pay for not having to worry about gas, oil changes, or expensive repairs. If this sounds like something you are interested in, check out Ceramic Coatings for Teslas.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to your Tesla’s paint problems, Ceramic Coatings might be the answer. This durable and scratch-resistant coating is an excellent choice if you want to invest in keeping your vehicle running smoothly without having it constantly fixed up by expensive repairs. It can also increase the resale value of your car which will save money on future vehicles as well!

There are many reasons to choose a ceramic coating for your car paint, but it won’t be possible to find the perfect product. This is because there’s no guarantee that any single product will work as well or last longer in all colors–so you should seek out an experienced person who can help select products specifically tailored towards what color(s) may need extra care. So talk things over with someone who’s experienced or go online and look at reviews about different detailers before making any decision.

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