Best Tesla Model 3 Aftermarket Accessories | Unusual, and at all price ranges

The Tesla Model 3 has lots of features but owners still yearn for accessories that don’t come with the car upon purchase. If you think that you don’t have a lot of options, read along to learn the best Tesla Model 3 accessories that owners typically recommend! 

Best Accessories for the Tesla Model 3

Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Ultra Slim Data Hub

Ultra Slim Data Hub

The Tesla Model 3 only has two built-in USB drives. For some, this may not be enough because of multiple charging devices. The Tesla Model 3 accessory that can help with this is the Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Ultra Slim Data Hub. Along with its functionality, the slim design of this port helps in fitting well with the center console. If you aim to use Sentry mode, the Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Ultra Slim Data Hub should be one of the Tesla Model 3 accessories that must be on the list.

Tesmanian Tesla Model 3 floor mats

Tesla Model 3 floor mats

To better maintain a clean Tesla Model 3, adding floor mats is a smart thing to do. Floor mats could help your car clean. All Tesla Model 3 cars don’t come with one that’s why this is one of the most essential accessories to get. There are lots of options in the market today but among the most recommended are the Tesmanian all-weather floor mats. These floor mats fit the Tesla Model 3 perfectly. Aside from fitting like a glove, the Tesmanian floor mats protect the floor of the Model 3 so well that they could hold lots of liquid and even snow. Cleaning these mats can be very easy as well. All you need is to wash them down to get rid of any accumulated dust or salt. Arguably, the Tesmanian all-weather floor mats are among the top-rated for Tesla Model 3 cars.

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

Portable SSD

Having an SSD for the in-built DashCam is highly suggested, especially when capturing videos while the vehicle is in Sentry mode. Choosing the Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD for your Tesla Model 3 is a smart decision as this product is reliable, portable, affordable, and has been working well since the Tesla V10 update. It has a large storage space and performs faster than other options. You can store up to 2TB.

Elon Accessories- Premium quality screen protector 

Tesla screen protector

The 15-inch touchscreen available on the Tesla Model 3 is the lone interactive aspect of the vehicle. Car settings, navigation, climate control, and music, all are available via this screen. Thus, it is highly essential to protect and keep this tech safe as long as possible. Having Elon Accessories’ Tesla Model 3/Y touchscreen basically serves the purpose incredibly well. This screen protector is available in a matte finish and works with a fingerprint-resistant and anti-glare function. This product is indeed a top-notch quality that your Tesla Model 3 deserves.

Center Console Shell by Abstract Ocean

Console Shell

The Tesla Model 3’s center console is prone to smudges and fingerprints. Cleaning this part of the vehicle requires consistency and may be hard for some to maintain. A solution for this is adopting a center console shell. The center console shell from Abstract Ocean is one of the most recommended. It comes with a satin carbon fiber finish. Installing it is fairly easy as well and only requires less than 10 minutes to finish. Having this Tesla Model 3 accessory can help lessen maintenance and dust accumulation inside the car.

Topfit Non-slip Performance Foot Pedal 

Foot Pedal

Tesla Model 3 owners who aspire to have aluminum foot pedals should take a look at this product from Topfit. Having this installed can increase the aesthetics of the Tesla Model 3’s interiors. Just make sure that these are installed properly as the rubber is a bit tough. Still, it will be worth it in the end. 

BougeRV Full Car Cover

Full Car Cover

Tesla Model 3 protection from harmful UV rays, snow, dust, industrial pollutants, and bird droppings requires an effective outdoor cover. The BougeRV full car cover has soft cotton lining and assists in protecting the vehicle from scratches and would work well for both outdoor and indoor use. It has a unique ventilated mesh design that helps with airflow. This also assists in keeping the Tesla Model 3 battery in good condition. The BougeRV Full car cover also has a charge port flap so the vehicle can still be charged even while under the cover.

Pet Back Seat Protector

Back Seat Protector

Tesla has a Dog mode for vehicle owners who plan to leave their pets inside the car while shopping outside. Of course, you can’t just rely on that everything will be 100% all right. Having a pet back seat protector would serve as highly beneficial for your Tesla Model 3. This product is waterproof and can also protect the seat from pet fur. 

Heatshield Windshield Sunshade

Windshield Sunshade

Being constantly exposed to heavy sunlight can slowly degrade the interior of a car. Having a windshield sunshade is effective protection, especially when you don’t have any indoor parking space. This reflects the sunlight outwards to help keep the Tesla Model 3 fresh from the inside. It also functions as a safety feature because the interior of the car will look invisible from the outside. 

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Trunk Mount Rack

Tesla Model 3 owners who love to use bikes and plan to use a mount on their vehicle, the Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack is one of the most recommended accessories available today. It can hold 2 bikes. There will be no problem opening the trunk of the Tesla Model 3 while having this accessory. It also comes with a padded frame that helps avoid damage to the paint of the car.


The Tesla Model 3 is a great car and it’s not surprising that owners want to customize their cars with accessories. If you are shopping for the best Tesla Model 3 accessories, we recommend checking out our list on this blog post! Have any other recommendations? Comment below so others can see what else is needed for those who own a Tesla Model 3!

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