Tesla Model 3 Charging Time

Everyone knows Tesla Model 3. Their cars are renowned worldwide.

Before you decide to purchase any Tesla, even the Model 3, you may have some questions about the charging time and efficiency.

Tesla Model 3 Charging Time

This guide will take you through the charging features of the Tesla Model 3, including a skim over of the key features this model has to offer.

Tesla Model 3 Overview

Tesla Model 3 is a smart little car. Fully charged, you can expect around just under 360-mile range.

It boasts to be one of the safest Tesla models. It even has a 5 star safety rating.

Its top speed can be around 257 KMH and you can reach 60 in just over three seconds.

How Does A Tesla Charge?

Teslas are electric cars. They, therefore, need an electric charger.

You can buy a specific wall connector to hook up your Tesla to its charger. These are normally around 240V and provide an overall better charging experience for your car.

You plug in the battery, and then you wait. How long you wait depends on what the battery is telling you and how much charge you have pre plug in.

Tesla Model 3 Charging Time

Typically speaking, you could be in for around a 10-hour wait.

You can charge your Tesla at home, or at any supercharger point around the country.

If you are out and about and find yourself in need of a battery boost, it shouldn’t be too much trouble to locate one of the supercharger stations.

These charging methods allow you to get a faster, more convenient charge. You can do a half charge that will yield around 150 miles.

That just happens to be more than enough to get you to the next supercharge station.

It is recommended to look after your battery properly and charge it as recommended, but there’s no harm in taking liberties with the supercharger stations either.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Tesla Model 3?

The answer is – between 8 and 10 hours. This is with the correct voltage and assuming the car has no juice at all to run off.

A complete charge shouldn’t take longer than 10 hours. If it does, it may be time for a deeper look into your Tesla’s performance.

All in all, the Model 3 is considered to have a top of the range battery life.

This car is built for those longer distance journeys. You can certainly travel around 300 plus miles without needing to stop for a battery boost.

It has one of the best ranges that electric cars have to offer. The top of the range figures in terms of distance capacity is around 650 KM.

How Do I Charge My Tesla Model 3?

Charging your Model 3 couldn’t be easier if it tried.

There is an easy to find button to release the charging port. All you need is your Tesla specific charging cable, and the correct plug and outlet.

Alternatively, you can release the charging port from the Tesla dashboard electronic interface.

Wrap Up

The answer to our question is around 10 hours. If your battery is completely drained, expect to wait around the full 10 hours before its energy is completely replenished.

That being said, you can give your Model 3 a decent battery boost at a supercharger station. You can find a list of all the supercharger stations on the Tesla site.

There are 30,000 plus of these sites, so you shouldn’t ever find yourself too far away from a reliable source of power.

The Model 3 is, without a doubt, one of the most established models with a desirable battery life and a modest charge time.

You can go further than a lot of other competitors’ electric vehicles, and charging is easy to navigate.

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